8 01, 2021

Intimate Conversations, #1

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The WYATT! podcast is kicking off a new series entitled, “Intimate Conversations.”  Each of these episodes features a popular adult entertainer, who opens up about the pros and cons of the industry, his personal life, what motivates and drives him—and so much more! After contemplation and deliberation, I decided to present this series because adult entertainment can be an integral part of the [...]

1 01, 2021

Resolute About Your Resolutions?

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Uh-huh.  The New Year’s here. Hmmm…maybe, just maybe, 2021 will be all shiny and bright, and full of potential. And coming with the year ahead are all those ambitious, dramatic—and myriad--promises we make.     We vow (and fervently!), “This year’s gonna be different ‘cause THIS TIME,  I’m gonna stick to my New Year’s Resolutions!” [...]

11 04, 2017

The “Man of the Evening” Returns!

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“Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.”       As so many of you recall, I published “Interview With An Escort:  An Update” last summer.  It was a raw and revealing follow-up with “Jase,” an exclusive and popular NYC gay/SGL “Man of the Evening,” whom I first interviewed in March 2015.      I’ve decided to build a series around this individual.  Why?  Three basic reasons:  [...]

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