(This article has adult sexual content. All images are stock photos.)

As you’re aware, I present a continuing series about a “Man of the Evening,” or MOE.  It’s a raw and revealing portrait of “Jase,” an exclusive and highly in-demand NYC gay/SGL escort.  I first interviewed Jase nearly six years ago. 

Why did I decide to build a series around this individual?  Three salient reasons: (1) arguably, the utilization of “specialized” services of escorts is a staple of gay and bisexual male culture; (2) Jase’s continuing saga has been one of the most-read features at Wyattevans.com; (3) Simply put, he’s one helluva fascinating guy, with charisma oozing outta his pores!  

I’ll never share his website and contact information because this series isn’t about advertising or promoting his services, which he understands and accepts. (Truth be told, he’s in such demand that he doesn’t need any assistance from me.)  

My goal is to give you, the reader, an illuminating bird’s-eye view of his world. 

The last time I sat down with Jase was early last year.  Now, I’m catching you up on what’s been unfolding in the sensual and salacious life of this primo “‘scort.”  But first, let’s delve into the backstory of MOE, our tantalizing and delish Man of the Evening. 

The Why Of It All.

Jase entered the “biz” during a severe economic downturn to dramatically pay down his considerable and pesky college debt.  Erudite, sophisticated, and charming, he has a BA, Bachelor of Arts, in Communications.  (Quite apropos, eh?)  

That BA also stands for “bad azz.” 

Uncommonly handsome and very self-assured, this thirty-something dominant top man exudes raw sexuality!  And let’s not even talk about this chocolate brotha’s swagger.

At a delicious 6’2”, and 248 pounds, he’s thickly muscled but tight:  you can’t seem to detect even a micro inch of fat anywhere on him!   He traded his military cut for a shaved head, but he’s still sportin’ that wicked ‘stache and goatee.  And lemme tell ya sumthin’! Being impeccably well-groomed is his trademark, his hallmark.    

Jase’s dazzling pearly white smile and deep, smoldering eyes can be disarming and arresting!  And if you’re not extra careful, you’ll immediately and unequivocally fall under his spell.  As Diana Ross sighs, croons, and yelps, “Swept Away!”  (Hey!  Am I dating myself here?  Oh well…it is what it is! LOL.)

Although affable and engaging, this bro is all about his bizness.  Translation:  don’t mess with his Benjamins.

Or there’ll be hell to pay, ‘cause he’s ALL about the money!  Cha-ching,      cha-ching, cha-ching.  

You feelin’ me?  Yeah. I know you do.

Recently, I caught up with Jase.  So, my peoples, my peoples, my peoples: grab a drink, get comfy, kick back, and settle in.

Talk at Me, Why Don’t Cha!

WYATT:  Welcome back, Jase!  I have to say that our conversations continue to be some of the more popular Wyattevans.com entries. 

JASE:  No prob, my man. (He flashes that broad, infectious smile.) I enjoy keepin’ your readers in the know!  And in the flow.

WYATT:    Dang, my brotha!  You’re thicker and more chiseled than ever!

JASE: (Grinning from ear to ear, and lounging back into a leather recliner, he throws a naughty wink.) You like?

WYATT:  Git real, dude!  What’s NOT to like?  So, how’s bizness?

JASE:  Fuckin’ Fab-U-Lous! Makin’ dollas hand ovah fist. 

WYATT:  So, your shingle will be up for the foreseeable future? 

JASE: (He shoots his patented scrunched eye-roll.) Ohhhh, hell yeah!  Like I said last time we talked, I ain’t tryin’ ta be financially fucked!  Scares tha hell outta me. Escortin’ cash is just too good to turn down, know what I’m sayin’?

WYATT:  Yup, I get it. But’cha know, more than a few folks pooh-pooh ‘scorts.   

JASE:  (My statement raises his ire.) I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think!  As I’ve stated before, I provide a needed service!  It’s a transaction between two consenting adults.  Clients seek me out.  Yo! I don’t put a gun to their heads.  

JASE:   Listen:  everything in life is a transaction!  A quid pro quo if you will.  Let’s say that a wife wants her husband to sign off on a major purchase… and he doesn’t want to.  Well, she then withholds the sex!  He’s desperate for that pussy, so he eventually gives in.  So, what is that? (He howls.)

WYATT: That’s a rather innerestin’ take on the situation.

JASE: Well, whatevah! And lemme say this:  my client interactions are NOT always sexual.

WYATT: What??? Seriously?

JASE: Yes, “seriously.”  Here’s the deal: folks pay for my time. And whatever happens during that time—and I do mean WHATEVAH–is between two consenting adults. 

WYATT:  Aight, aight. Question: do you ever just have recreational sex?  Ever make love to someone without Benjamins attached?

JASE: (He snuggles back into his chair.)  Rarely! And I do mean rarely. Love can be so, so…well, over-rated!  And confining. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  I’m a sexual connoisseur!  And with being on the fuckin’ prowl all tha time, variety is the name of my game. 

JASE:  Ya see, I get off on being desired. And in control!  Mos’ def.

WYATT:  So, tell me: what’s the freakiest scene you’ve been in? 

JASE:  (After pondering a bit, he flashes a sly, wide grin.)  Well, my brutha,  “freaky” is like…well, relative! I can think of quite a few scenarios; however, I’m gonna tease ya by mentioning one of the milder ones.  When I write my memoirs, I’ll let it all hang out.

WYATT:  C’mon now, though, give my readers sumthin sumthin.  (Then, I think to myself, “Yeah. I bet ya got a whole helluva LOT to ‘hang out’—in mo’ ways than one.  LMAO!!!) 

JASE:  Aight, aight.  I was the special “gift” for an interracial foursome–one Black and three white guys—for an entire night!  I was the total DOM (dominant) and made those four my subs (submissives).  Now, THAT was freakin’ awesome!!!  (Whooping, our Man of the Evening is quite animated, with a sense of pride shining through—no actually, burning through–like a klieg light.)  

WYATT:  Dang, tell us more!  I mean, inquiring minds wanna know. 

JASE:  (He chuckles heartily.)  You be “Tha Funny Man!”  Okay. At one point, two white mouths took turns suckin’ up and swallowing my dick whole…while the other white mouth was slobberin’ all ovah my hairy balls!  Meanwhile, the Black dude’s tongue was diggin’ all up into my cherry hole!

WYATT:  Have “mer-say.” 

JASE:  And of course, you KNOW that I topped each one of them!

WYATT:  Oh, I figured that! You were DOM after all.  Here’s another Q for you.

JASE:  Hit me.

WYATT:  Do you prefer one-on-ones, threesomes, or orgies?  Why or why not?  Or does it matter?  The last time, you said that you didn’t have a preference.  Any change on that front?

JASE:  The amount of the “paycheck” is what’s important!  Though I must admit that on occasion, I lean towards threesomes.

WYATT:  Why so?

JASE:  Well, a threesome provides more variety than one-on-ones. (Once again, he spreads that naughty grin…)

WYATT:  What about the “Big O,” ya know, orgies?

JASE:  They’re cool, but can be just a little too extra for me.  Too much to focus on, way too much goin’ on, if ya catch my drift. 

WYATT:  Jase, is there anything you simply won’t do—no matter how much a client is willing to offer?

JASE:  Oh, I have my limits, my red lines.

WYATT:  Do tell.

JASE:  No scat; ya know, shit. Dat ain’t my thang! I ain’t playin’ and diggin’ into anybody’s poop.  

JASE:  Now, wouldn’t THAT be a total shitshow! 

WYATT:  I see. What about golden showers (piss) and fisting?

JASE:  Now, I can get into both!  As long as I’m not on the receiving end! (He breaks up.)

WYATT:  Any other no-nos?

JASE:  (He ponders.)  Oh, oh!

WYATT:  What?

JASE:  There was this skinny, nerdy guy, who wanted devil worship—which involved scat, with me squatting over him and givin’ him a dump!  Can you believe that shit? (“Mr. Muscles” turns up his nose.)

WYATT:  (I’m LMAO!)  I can, I can.  Have you ever done porn before?  

JASE:  Nah, porn ain’t for me.  Once you’re on film, you’re on film!  Can’t take it back. Those images will always be out there and will catch up with you when you don’t want them to.  You follow me?

WYATT:  I certainly do.  Hey!  Have you done any celebs or famous folks?

JASE:  (A crooked smile forms.)  Of course.  

WYATT:  Can you give us some names?  As I’ve said before, inquiring minds wanna know.”

JASE:  Uh-uh, uh, monsieur.  (After shaking his head back and forth, he winks.) Only for my memoirs.

WYATT: Jase, have you ever had issues with the law? Ever been busted?

JASE: Fortunately, no.  I’ve been very smart and careful. Risk-averse, if ya know what I mean.

WYATT:  Gotcha. So, how much longer are you gonna stay in the “skin game?”  What’s the expiration date?

JASE:  Don’t know at this point.

WYATT:  Any other juicy tidbits you’d like to drop?

JASE:   Nah!  Just buy my memoirs when they come out. (He laughs, loudly.)

JASE: Oh, one more “thang!”  ‘Memba last year I told ya about the phone bone/cam service I started? 

WYATT:  I do!  How’s that going? You certainly have the right bedroom voice for it.

JASE:  That was during ‘Rona. Some guys were afraid to have anonymous sex, and you know, possibly contracting the virus and STDs. And you got some guys who just can’t bring themselves to have physical contact with another guy.  Some have fetishes. Of course, that particular service has dropped off quite a bit because ‘Rona isn’t a big threat anymore. However, I have a few regulars who request it when they can’t hook up with me in person.

JASE:  So ya see, I’m coverin’ my phone black muscled azz in as many ways as I can!  Ya feelin’ me?  

WYATT:  That I do!  That I do. (Of course, I was thinkin’, “If ONLY I could…” Well, you know what I mean.  LOL.)

JASE:  Any more Qs?

WYATT:  That’s it!  For now, anyway.  Man, thanks for your time and opening a window, if you will, for my readers.  It’s always an enlightening experience with you!  And a pleasure.

JASE:  No prob, Wyatt.  Be safe!

WYATT:  You, too, my friend.   

The brutha winks, and flashes that infectious, salacious smile…