Aww Sookie Sookie Now! 

WYATT! ( #Wyattonair ) blasts back on Saturday, September 16 with another rather appetizing eppy! The absorbing, informative, and provocative podcast–sprinkled with sly, spicy (and sometimes a wee bit) scandalous humor–airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

This edition of WYATT! is an exclusive sit-down with Nicholas Snow, HIV/LGBTQ+ activist, author, and creator/producer/host of PromoHomo.TV ( @promohomotv ). A full-fledged online television network with multiple broadcast television-style series created for a global audience, PromoHomo.TV streams to hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and its website.

I open up our conversation by stating that just the right title can enhance a brand and help sell a product. Therefore, I ask why he named his network “PromoHomo.TV.” His response, as you will find, is rather illuminating!

Next, Snow expounds on his network’s editorial mission, which is “Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity by Creating Programming for LGBTQ+ Everyone,” as well as his personal mission statement of “honoring and expressing my creativity in a way that makes a difference.” This multi-media entertainment guru is a man on and with a mission.

We walk through the “Corridors of Time” to learn about Snow’s rather intriguing backstory. You’ll discover how his childhood helped shape him into the individual he is today. 

In 1993, Snow created, produced, and hosted Tinseltown’s Queer, the public access TV show that he describes as “A Queen’s Version of Larry King.”  What was the genesis of the program? You’ll find out. 

During the mid-90s, Matt Skallerud, founder of the highly successful (now defunct), and his partner, Fabrice Tasendo, approached Snow about serving as a contributing personality to their website.  That experience evolved into a cross-promotional relationship and enduring friendship that continues to this day.  (Currently, Skallerud is president of Pink Media, which specializes in LGBTQ+ online marketing.)  In the early 2000s, Snow worked with Skallerud to launch, which he built into a multimedia entertainment brand.  He chats about these experiences.

These ventures were the building blocks for PromoHomo.TV.  Snow does a deep dive into the network, describing its programming.

The author gives us a window into his book, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My HeartAccording to Snow, Life Positive is “Dedicated to the tens of millions of people in the world living with HIV, most of whom do not yet know their status; to everyone who fights for us; and to those who still fear us.” Afterward, I ask him about last year’s “The Powerful True Story of a Decade that May Have Never Happened,” the poignant and powerful speech he delivered in which he bared his soul. 

During our tete-a-tete, Snow shares several personal and professional revelations and news flashes.  One, in particular, is his new Promohopeful educational campaign, launched to create authentic human connection while simultaneously combating sexuality-based shame and stigma.

So, there you have it! This new installment of WYATT! is raw and riveting. Not to mention immensely entertaining!

Y’all, undisputedly and undeniably, WYATT! is “Eargasm Fo’ Tha Grown Folks!” Need we say more?  Visit: