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Journalist. Author. Radio Personality, The “WYATT!” Podcast. Voice-over (V/O) Instructor and Talent. Intimate Partner Violence & Abuse (IPV/A) Subject Matter Expert (SME), Advocate, and Speaker.

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The Realness of “SHATTERED!”

The Realness of “SHATTERED!”  In an exclusive interview, renowned life coach Rick Clemons and I have a real, raw, and powerful discussion about Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, the overarching theme of “SHATTERED!”, my new novel. We also discuss the impact of “SHATTERED!”–and why it’s having such universal appeal. It’s a candid, no-holds-barred conversation! 


I was honored to appear on The Advocate Channel’s “The Advocates Real Talk” program.  Journalist and host Aaron Deane and I had a candid and revealing conversation about my Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) advocacy; the origins of and impetus behind my new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED!”–and so much more!

And Just For The Hell Of It, See Me As Co-Host of “The Snowstorm,” PromoHomo.TV’s rapidly growing nightly news program! 



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Wyatt O'Brian Evans

“You are never too challenged, you are never too old, you are never too ANYTHING to craft your vision and reach for the stars– thereby making your dreams come true! Simply trust and believe.”

~Wyatt O’Brian Evans

What People Are Saying About “SHATTERED!”


What Respected Authors Are Saying:

“Many kudos to Mr. Wyatt O. Evans for ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED!’ His writing is so vivid and three-dimensional! I love how Mr. Evans brings you into a scene. And after sharpening the picture, the author brings the senses more into the scene with such graphic descriptions. With his unique and expert storytelling, Evans has hit a home run with SHATTERED!“—Hartsel Clifton Shirley, Author, “Three Words, Four Letters” and “The Night Eddie Sallis Died.”

” Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–‘SHATTERED!’ is a powerful story illuminating causes and effects of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse within the gay community. The author shrewdly creates larger-than-life characters that will make an indelible mark on your psyche, leaving unforgettable impressions and possibly leading to changes in our attitudes about violence. The interactions and dialogue leap from the pages as issues are explored, secrets are revealed, and lives are changed forever.

In ‘SHATTERED!’, the author serves up a zesty blend of sultry soul food and hot salsa, combining cultures with ease, hitting the right spots to keep readers totally engaged. In a word, it’s DELICIOUS!

With an ending that’s like a gut punch leading to a knockout, this story SNAPS, CRACKLES, and POPS like a rocket in superheated hyper-drive. My honest opinion is that I LOVED this book!”—Robert A. Karl, Author, The “CLUBBED” Trilogy.

“Whether describing sexy man-on-man action or investigating the role of abuse and violence and how it shapes us, Mr. Evans’s latest book, ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED’ is an invigorating portrait of what men loving men looks like. As any parent will know, having children is both exciting and exhausting. Imagine meeting a mouthy, arrogant teenager who is homophobic and (surprise!) also your son.

These are a few gems Mr. Evans uses to tease and entertain the reader. If you’re looking for a constant barrage of stereotypes and respectability, this ain’t for you.

If you’re concerned with the revolutionary act of men loving men and dealing with their personal demons as part of the love fest, get yourself a dozen copies of this book.”—Anthony Carter, Author, “Twice As Good,” “Unfettered Mind: The Importance of Black Male Mental Health,” and “Why Your Job Is Making You Fat.”

 Kudos To Mr. Evans!

” ‘SHATTERED!’, the latest chapter in the Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ saga, is an exciting POC (People of Color) thriller novel that readers won’t want to miss! It features a story that is filled with sex, drama, relationships, heartbreak, and a journey to find answers. And to top it off, ‘SHATTERED!’ is swimming with big men that will make your mouth water and your manhood stand up. So everyone, don’t miss out! Grab your copy today!”—James Butler, Founder of The Bears Network and The Big Boy Project; Bear/Big Boi Influencer.

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED! 

      “Is an amazingly great read! I liked the growth of Wes and ‘Tonio, the main characters, through the ups and downs of their monogamous relationship. They are still together and have the resiliency that comes from their commitment to each other. That is what makes these novels work for me. The cliffhanger for the next novel is a guarantee for me! I can’t wait to see how things evolve.”—Aaron Terry, former president Bill Clinton Administration Political Appointee and Veteran Affairs Expert.

“Among his many talents, Wyatt O. Evans has written a series that has the one-two punch of a daytime TV soap opera, in all the good ways. His latest installment in the ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ series, ‘SHATTERED!’, does not disappoint. 

When Waseem, the vindictive son of Wesley Kelly, shows up, I thought of that famous line from Bette Davis in the Oscar-winning’ All About Eve’: ‘Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!’ ‘SHATTERED!’ has all the steam, hawtness, and humor we have come to enjoy in Wyatt’s series, blended in with the issues of intimate partner violence/abuse, mental health issues, and their repercussions. 

Fasten your seat belts, readers, and get ready for Wes and Antonio’s greatest challenge yet!”W. D. Foster-Graham, Author, “The Right To Be,” “Never Give Up,” and “Mark My Words; Book Review Editor, “Sharing Our Stories,” The Insight News.

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