Saturday, January 1, 2022:

Will you be resolute with your Resolutions?”  My special report presents experts who advise you how not to go overboard in the “resolution-making department”–and then show you how to follow through with the ones you do make.

Saturday, January 8:

WYATT! kicks off the New Year with adult entertainment sensation, Mr. Dillon Diaz!  I have an intimate and open sit-down with the smoldering, sizzling, and perennially popular adult performer!  Diaz reveals exactly what goes on behind the scenes of the porn industry; explains precisely why he entered the “skin game;” and bares his soul about the love of his life, rising porn actor Jake Waters!  Y’all, this “Bedtime With Porn Guys” installment of WYATT! is Real & Raw—and one you surely don’t wanna miss!

Saturday, January 15:

WYATT!  welcomes Mr. Fernando Velez, founder/CEO of Kraven Comics!  Find out how Fernando overcame daunting obstacles, which would have crushed a lesser individual, to become a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and LGBTQ visionary!  WYATT! shines the spotlight on this “Profile in Courage.” 

Saturday, January 29:

WYATT! “Rewind” with Ms. Tonya Prince, Renowned Domestic Violence SME, Advocate & Activist!  This is one of my most popular–and powerful–eppy to date!  I had the very good fortune to have a substantive conversation with my good pal, Tonya Prince!  As well as being an author and motivational speaker, Ms. Prince has been a leading Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Subject Matter Expert for nearly 30 years!  What Tonya has to say will educate us on what Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence are all about.  Our goal for this important episode of WYATT! is to help individuals make their “Great Escape!”