July 2021:

WYATT! Goes ZOOM, Part One. This is a frank, open and entertaining discussion and analysis of those salient and critical issues that resonate with and directly impact Gay/SGL (same gender loving) males, with an emphasis on MOCA BLAC (Men of a Certain Age; 40 years and over) who happen to be Black, Blatino, Latino, Asian and Caribbean. Myriad societal issues can create an array of negative impacts (emotionally, psychologically, physically) that in turn throw up obstacles and roadblocks that marginalize these men. And stigma—that dreaded and destructive force—is front and center. Join me –and other notable and vibrant SGL voices– for this very special (and much needed) event.

Tuesday, February 2:

National Trauma Education and Policy Board.  This is the February meeting of the National Trauma Education and Policy Board.  I serve as the  LGBTQ Community Chair.  The board helps craft and recommend appropriate policy initiatives to combat all types of trauma, including Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, or IPV/A (domestic violence and abuse within the LGBTQ Community).

April 2021:

The Return of The IPV/A Chronicles.  The next installment in this special series on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) does a deep dive into and drills down on Stigma, the crushing shame that is a pivotal and major reason that IPV/A is so dramatically under reported.  Stigma is that albatross around your neck, choking the hell outta you.  Learn just how Stigma can keep the victim squarely under the abuser’s thumb, keeping that victim locked away deep inside the closet.

Saturday, November 28:

The Debut of The WYATT! PodcastCutting-edge, insightful, probing, and oh-so entertaining, my new radio show spotlights, explores and dissects relevant, timely, and critical issues that impact gay/SGL (Same-gender-loving) gentlemen—with a focus on MOCA BLAC (Men of a Certain Age, 40 and over who just happen to be Black, Blatino, Latino, Asian and Caribbean). Of course, WYATT! resonates with the entire LGBTQ Community and its Allies. Be prepared for my rather “dee-lee-cious” sidekick, Madam Pussygalore Cockadoodledoo! And of course, WYATT! is uncut and uncensored. Simply EARGASM for the Grown Folk!