The “SHATTERED!” Book Tour Rolls On!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2024:

“What’s It Like Being A Black Gay Author?” –Music Industry Insights Worldwide Podcast. This acclaimed radio show, which airs from the United Kingdom, focuses on equality and diversity in the music and entertainment industries. Host Saskhia Menendez and I discuss my journey as an African-American Gay/SGL author, the impact of my new novel Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED!, and my plans for the rest of 2024. Get ready for an engrossing conversation.

Monday, February 5:

“The Advocates,” The Advocate Channel. A first among LGBTQ+ streaming apps, the channel tackles issues of social justice, climate, health, LGBTQ+ rights, and gender/racial equity. Journalist/host Aaron Deane and I have a candid and revealing talk about Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—SHATTERED! and Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A), the overarching theme of my new novel. 

Friday, January 5:

“The Snowstorm.” This time, I’m the co-host on “The Snowstorm,” the new program on the renowned PromoHomo.TV!  It’s a combination of the hot topics section of The View TV show and your favorite Sunday morning panel program. Host Nicholas Snow and I tackle a diverse range of issues including the upcoming presidential election, the anniversary of the January 6 Insurrection, Gay/SGL men living their best lives…and even sex clubs! (LOL!!!) It’s insightful, absorbing, and provocative!

Monday, January 1:

“The Snowstorm.” I’m a panelist on “The Snowstorm”, the new show on the renowned PromoHomo.TVIt combines the hot topics section of The View TV show and your favorite Sunday morning panel program. To shut me up, they’re gonna have to duct tape my mouth! LOL!!!

Saturday, February 10:

WYATT! Travels Across the Pond to the Land Down Under!  WYATT! goes to Australia to catch up with Colin Dereham, the popular author of MM romance (fiction with an intimate relationship between two or more men at its center as the main focus of the plot.)  Our in-depth conversation includes his journey as a gay author, the importance of authenticity for a literary artist, and the place for authentic gay voices in romantic fiction.  He also breaks down his most recent work, “Nervous Kid.” This is a thought-provoking and tantalizing edition of WYATT!

Wednesday, February 14:

It’s V-Day (Valentine’s Day)!!! In celebration of this Day of LUV, WYATTEVANS.COM presents the Top Ten Qualities of Gay/SGL Super Couples! Find out if you and your “boo” make the grade!

Saturday, February 17:

Big Show BillyJean Is Up In Tha House Of WYATT! The arteest drops by, and states, “I’m a songwriter and musical artist with colorful lyrics and a stew of styles.”  Indeed, this talent is diverse, dynamic…and to-ta-lee dope! This edition of WYATT! is charged up AF! No doubt.

Saturday, February 24:

WYATT! Welcomes Author Christopher Murphy! The acclaimed literary artist of pulse-pounding and jaw-dropping crime drama thrillers pulls up to the mic! We learn what compels Murphy to write, about his process, and precisely why he immerses himself in the thriller/mystery/suspense genres. (Listen up! I’m “scurred,” but I’m tryin’ really, really hard to find my backbone…LOL!) This installment of WYATT!, is, well…eye-opening!

Wednesday, February 28:

The Intersection of IPV/A and Stigma. That dysfunctional and potentially life-threatening cycle of abuse, Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A), tends to be dramatically underreported. Why? Stigma is the culprit! This special WYATTEVANS.COM does a deep dive.