Thursday, September 8, 2022:

Youths Living with HIV Face Increased Suicide Risk.  This WYATTEVANS.COM special report examines this disturbing circumstance, fueled by stigma and systemic racism.

Saturday, September 10:

This WYATT! Is a Crucial Episode! Our special guest is Rodney McCoy, an HIV Prevention Specialist, whose career spans more than three decades.  Mr. McCoy gives us the lowdown on the continuing HIV/AIDS epidemic, the growing Monkeypox panic—and a slice of ONYX/the Leather Community thrown in for good measure! Fo’ sure, this is a versatile installment of WYATT!  

Saturday, September 17:

WYATT! Welcomes Anthony Carter, the Multi-Hyphenate Talent!  Mr. Carter’s all THAT: author, writer, podcaster, documentary filmmaker!  He shares his compelling personal journey with us, including overcoming a daunting, precarious situation that would have crushed a lesser individual. We also discuss the numerous, noteworthy, and colorful hats he wears. This edition of WYATT! will move ya!

Saturday, September 24:

“Bedtime With Porn Guys” Returns to WYATT! Skyy Knox, the GayVN award-winning and Falcon Studios exclusive model, is our special guest! The porn star bares all (in a manner of speaking!) about his meteoric rise, the 411 on the performers he’s worked with, what actually goes on behind the scenes, monkeypox…and so much more! This edition of WYATT! is gonna tempt and titillate ya!

Wednesday, September 28:

WYATTEVANS.COM Presents “On the Other Side of the Table.”  That’s where I am when a noted radio personality and author interviews me!  Our in-depth and insightful conversation covers a range of issues, both personal and professional.  Be prepared to be royally entertained, ‘cause this event’s a real blast!