July 2021:

WYATT! Goes ZOOM, Part One. This is a frank, open and entertaining discussion and analysis of those salient and critical issues that resonate with and directly impact Gay/SGL (same gender loving) males, with an emphasis on MOCA BLAC (Men of a Certain Age; 40 years and over) who happen to be Black, Blatino, Latino, Asian and Caribbean. Myriad societal issues can create an array of negative impacts (emotionally, psychologically, physically) that in turn throw up obstacles and roadblocks that marginalize these men. And stigma—that dreaded and destructive force—is front and center. Join me –and other notable and vibrant SGL voices– for this very special (and much needed) event.

Friday, May 28:

The WYATT! Podcast Welcomes Ms. Tonya Prince, Renowned Domestic Violence SME, Advocate & Activist!  I have the very good fortune to have a substantive conversation with my good pal, Tonya Prince!  As well as being an author and motivational speaker, Tonya has been a leading Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Subject Matter Expert for nearly 30 years!  What she has to say will educate us on what Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence are all about.  Our goal for this very special episode of WYATT! is to help individuals make their “Great Escape!”

Friday, May 14:

The Return of W.D. Foster-Graham to the WYATT! Podcast! Don’t miss the sensational scribe’s return to WYATT! W.D. gives us the 411 and the lowdown of his engaging and exhilarating new novel, “The Right To Be.”

Tuesday, May 4:

National Trauma Education and Policy Board.  This is the May meeting of the National Trauma Education and Policy Board.  I serve as the  LGBTQ Community Chair.  The board helps craft and recommend appropriate policy initiatives to combat all types of trauma, including Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, or IPV/A (domestic violence and abuse within the LGBTQ Community).

Sunday, June 7:

The Return of The IPV/A Chronicles.  The next installment in this special series on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) does a deep dive into and drills down on Stigma, the crushing shame that is a pivotal and major reason that IPV/A is so dramatically under reported.  Stigma is that albatross around your neck, choking the hell outta you.  Learn just how Stigma can keep the victim squarely under the abuser’s thumb, keeping that victim locked away deep inside the closet.

Friday, May 21:

The WYATT! Podcast Travels Across the Pond!  I have the pleasure of an in-depth sit-down with BlackOutUK, whose motto is “Black queer men in the UK: making space for us.”  BlackOutUK is the premier organization in the United Kingdom that “mobilizes Gay/Bi and/or Trans men of African descent (in the UK) to work together to address shared challenges, create platforms for our voices, build networks to support our aspirations, and enable us to play a more active role in the communities of which we are a part.”

Friday, May 7:

The WYATT! Podcast Welcomes James Butler, the Maestro of the The Bears Network/The Big Boy Project!  I welcome Mr. Butler to WYATT! for a candid conversation about his social network, which is all about Bears of Color coming together to opine on life experiences, sex, pop culture, and social change.