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On Saturday, April 6, the new edition of WYATT! rolls out the welcome mat for Carter Brown, founder and national director of Black Transmen, Inc., the first national nonprofit organization founded in 2011 for the empowerment, advocacy, and equality of Black transmen.

I kick off the episode with the following statement from, the organization’s website: Brown was compelled to help birth and build the organization, Black Transmen Inc. from the support and information he saw lacking in his own trans experience, versus that of other ethnicities and of the LGBT community. It is a known and statistical fact that societal challenges for an African American male exist. It is also well known that negative stereotypes of Black men have overhang stagnantly for generations. Brown wants to make his contribution to ending the cycle and diminishing the stereotypes by exposing the world to another face of the Black man.”  Carter and I unpack that. 

The advocate and activist reveals that at age 14, he became homeless; his childhood was challenging and filled with dysfunction. Next, he describes his journey to become his authentic self: a transgender individual, and how it impacted him emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

However, Carter persevered, completing high school and college. But he hit an unexpected minefield, and the American Dream blew up in front of his eyes.  He vividly details that egregious and painful circumstance.

We soon discover that the experience is the perfect segue for an in-depth evaluation of Black Transmen. The founder and national director explains the necessity of the organization, and talks more about its vision and mission. 

2024 is the eleventh year of the only National Black Trans Advocacy Conference, a unique educational and empowerment program event.  According to, individuals “…look forward to the conference each and every year in part because the BTAC conference is a unique life-changing (5) day program that furthers education, provides linkage to resources, community building and organizing, leadership development and celebration of diverse identities.”  Carter gives us the full monty on the conference, to be held in Dallas, Texas, from April 23-28.

We turn to the subject of stigma. As an Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) subject matter expert, advocate, speaker, and survivor, I’m acutely aware that this societal symbol of shame and disgrace is a significant reason why incidences of IPV/A go under-reported. During my seminars and workshops, I refer to stigma as the “albatross around your neck, choking the hell out of you.” We have a deep discussion about stigma’s impact on Black transmen.

I ask the advocate and warrior for Black transmen precisely why he believes that he was called to be a leader in the movement for Black trans rights.  His response is a testament that Mr. Brown is the epitome of a Profile in Courage.

Get ready for another absorbing and astounding installment of WYATT!  Simply put, this is yet another reason why WYATT! is “Eargasm Fo’ Tha Grown Folks!”  

And remember: there ain’t NO doubt about it.