31 03, 2021

A Torchbearer and a Trailblazer

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(Isaiah Shade, Class Comics.) Isaiah Shade.   He’s big, bold, and built (like a brick house!).  And as “Shaft,” by Issac Hayes, states, he’s one “bad mother (Shut your mouth)!” Shade is one of the many sensual and steamy “hawt” erotic comic creations of Mr. Patrick Fillion, who, with his life and business partner, formed the publishing company, Class Comics. [...]

14 03, 2021

HartStrings 7

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“Pretty Baby” Guest Writer: Bishop Hartsel Clifton Shirley Throughout the Great Migration (1916-1970), roughly seven million Blacks from the southern United States traveled to the North, Midwest, and West to escape racism, seek work in manufacturing cities, and obtain better educational opportunities. Bronzeville, an area of Chicago near Hyde Park, attracted a Black gay population—which snowballed. The relative sexual [...]

16 02, 2021

It’s All About the Big Boyz!

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On this Friday the 19th, the new episode of the WYATT! podcast is all about the Big Boyz!   My special guest is Mr. Tony “Teddybear” Harper-Zuniga, a prominent leader of the Big Boy Community. For years, Mr. Harper-Zuniga has been at the forefront of education and awareness about big boy culture.  We will discuss what the community is [...]

2 02, 2021

MOE: Navigatin’ the ‘Rona Life

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(This article has some adult sexual content. To note:  none of the images are of Jase, the interviewee.) “As I said before, and I’ll say it again:  love can be so, so…well, over-rated.” As you’re aware, I pen a continuing series about a Man of the Evening (MOE).  It’s a raw and revealing portrait of [...]

8 01, 2021

Intimate Conversations, #1

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The WYATT! podcast is kicking off a new series entitled, “Intimate Conversations.”  Each of these episodes features a popular adult entertainer, who opens up about the pros and cons of the industry, his personal life, what motivates and drives him—and so much more! After contemplation and deliberation, I decided to present this series because adult entertainment can be an integral part of the [...]

1 01, 2021

Resolute About Your Resolutions?

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Uh-huh.  The New Year’s here. Hmmm…maybe, just maybe, 2021 will be all shiny and bright, and full of potential. And coming with the year ahead are all those ambitious, dramatic—and myriad--promises we make.     We vow (and fervently!), “This year’s gonna be different ‘cause THIS TIME,  I’m gonna stick to my New Year’s Resolutions!” [...]

11 04, 2017

The “Man of the Evening” Returns!

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“Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.”       As so many of you recall, I published “Interview With An Escort:  An Update” last summer.  It was a raw and revealing follow-up with “Jase,” an exclusive and popular NYC gay/SGL “Man of the Evening,” whom I first interviewed in March 2015.      I’ve decided to build a series around this individual.  Why?  Three basic reasons:  [...]

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