28 01, 2015

“The Daddy/Sir Playbook”: 4 Younger Guys

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     A little more than a week ago—I’m sure you recall--I wrote a exclusive entitled, The “Sugah Daddy’s” Playbook (or Sumthin’ Like Dat), based on a recent Queerty article on intergenerational dating.  That article gave tips on “being the best daddy for your boy.”          Well, guess what?  You readers made The “Sugah Daddy’s” Playbook one of the [...]

19 01, 2015

The “Sugah Daddy’s” Playbook (or Sumthin’ Like Dat)

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Have you thought about—or actually are—dating out of your age group?       Well, the term for it is intergenerational dating.  Generally, it’s at least a 10-year difference between couples.      Keep in mind that intergenerational dating and relationships have always existed.  However, according to “Are Intergenerational Gay Couples a New Trend in Dating,” a article from last year, these relationships “…do [...]

23 11, 2013

They Don’t Wanna Cruise Your Type

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Greetings! First, let me say that I'm so proud and honored by the overwhelmingly positive response I have received regarding my novel, NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART--UNCENSORED! I'm truly blessed. One of the pivotal reasons I wrote the novel was to demonstrate that there are actually Black and Latino gay men out there who are in loving, monogamous relationships. Unfortunately, according to [...]

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