Yo! Come spend the night with me! (Well–part of it, anyways! LOL) 

I’m happy to announce that this Saturday, Feb. 1, 7 PM, in D.C., I’ll be the Guest Speaker at the monthly meeting of The ManDate DC, which also will serve as the Official Launch Event for Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–RAGE! The ManDate DC meetings are held in the comfort of private homes; Saturday’s meeting is at 115 Mississippi Avenue, S.E. I’ll be performing selections from RAGE!, which will tie in to the topics discussed. Get ready for a lively evening!

The ManDate DC is the signature program of PROJECT HEALTHY LIVING (PHL), a working group of black gay/bisexual /SGL men with very close ties to and direction from the D.C. Department of Health. PHL’s mission is to improve sexual health outcomes and influence healthy life choices for black gay/bisexual/SGL men and their social and sexual networks through a series of interventions that aim for risk reduction. I’m proud that The ManDate DC has selected me for this honor.

Dinner will be served at the meeting…and I’ll be servin’ up autographed copies of RAGE!

Dont’cha dare miss it!