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I was honored and privileged to be the special guest on the uber-popular Nicholas Snow Show on the celebrated, well-respected PromoHomo.TV!

The theme of the nearly hourlong program was the top priorities I focus on in my world–and why. I discussed my journey as an artist and media professional; how my childhood presented both obstacles to and inspiration for my success; how being an IPV/A survivor colored that world; how I overcame those stumbling blocks; three critical things I’ve learned that have facilitated my personal and career successes; and more.

According to Mr. Snow, producer/host of PromoHomo.TV®, he’s “Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity” by “Creating Programming for LGBTQ+Everyone!”  The origins of the outlet run deep in LGBTQIAPK media.  In 1993, Snow created Tinseltown’s Queer,  which he produced and hosted until 2000.  He describes this public access TV show as “A Queen’s Version of Larry King,” and was available to up to 600,000 households regularly.  Tinseltown’s Queer was produced in multiple TV studios and on location.

In the mid-90s, Matt Skallerud, founder of, and his partner, Fabrice Tasendo, approached Snow about serving as a contributing “personality” to their website.  “We entered into a cross-promotional relationship which continues until this day, and we were among the first to conduct television/internet live simul-chats,” Snow stated. “ I was also one of the first (relatively) to put clips of edited video online – although this was very costly and the clips were quite short.  I was often a PR/media spokesperson for GayWired as well.”

Ultimately, he rose to the position of Vice-President of Content Development for the outlet’s parent company. “My job was to develop content that captured audience, served advertisers, and leveraged relationships with other media.”

The PromoHomo.TV producer and host continued.  “Around 2001, because of the ‘dot-bomb’ (the drying up of investment capital), my VP job ended, at which time I worked independently with Matt Skallerud to launch, which I built as a multimedia entertainment brand including columns in newspapers and magazines, radio and video reports, photos, and the integration of all of these elements online.  I chose Palm Springs (California) as my anchor market where my column was published regularly in many publications, and I appeared for over a year on local radio. achieved a worldwide audience, and for years was in the top 100 websites.”

Between 2004-2006, Snow was invited as an entertainment journalist to report about the Bangkok International Film Festival for, which thrust him into the international spotlight with world-famous celebrities.  “During my time in Thailand, I appeared regularly in my own websites, and as a regular contributor to English-language newspapers, magazines, and television programming airing in multiple countries.  I began to produce original travel programming for YouTube, where I also put my television reporting, and have since reached millions of viewers.”

Six months after his return to the States in the summer of 2011, he began to exhaustively research launching his own program; six months afterward, in late June 2012, he made that a reality with a week of soft-launch shows before officially premiering on July 1st, 2012, with multiple paid advertisers.

“I continued building my multimedia entertainment platform, and hundreds of episodes later in the fourth year of the podcast, the show surpassed over 2,000,000 total listens,” according to Snow. “ For years, my podcast and commentary were featured regularly by The Huffington Post.  In recent years my original video programming has received over a million views.”

He added, “On April 11th, 2016, I registered the domain, PromoHomo.TV, and subsequently locked in related social networking profiles.  In May 2016, I began producing regular, new content, and launched the beginnings of what is now a rather complete website fully integrating all of the above.”

Since its launch, according to Snow, PromoHomo.TV has garnered an “exciting worldwide following and hundreds of thousands of views (predominantly via Facebook Live.”  And effective June 25, 2020, the platform expanded into an online television network with multiple programs across social media channels.

Thanks PromoHomo.TV and The Nicholas Snow Show for such a rewarding and uplifting experience!