The iconic Little Richard’s enduring phrase “Good Golly, Miss Molly!” perfectly characterizes the start of my New Year!  Already Y’all, 2022 has started with one helluva high-octane BANG!
The much-talked-about LUXXXE Studios has just tapped me as its Principal Screenplay Writer of one of its full feature films to be released this fall!  LUXXXE is the brainchild of Gay adult entertainment’s “Performer of the Decade,” Mr. J. D. Daniels.  This high-concept production company is receiving a copious amount of high praise throughout the industry.
 Let me say that adult entertainment, or porn, can be an intrinsic, fundamental part of the lives of more than a few Gay or SGL (same-gender-loving) men.  On my popular radio show, WYATT!, I explore and examine the entire spectrum of Gay/SGL life.  And of course, that includes adult entertainment!  Therefore, being Principal Screenplay Writer of a full feature adult movie affords me the rather “delicious” opportunity to delve even deeper–expanding WYATT!’s mission.

Mr. Daniels, LUXXXE founder and CEO, has won several influential Raven’s Eden Awards (adult industry’s People’s Choice Awards), including “Best Actor”  of  2018, 2019, and 2020.  As well, he’s been named “Performer of the Decade.”  (The Raven’s Eden Awards are notable and influential in adult entertainment.)

In my conversations with the studio head, he explained what separates LUXXXE from other adult entertainment companies. “We’re definitely a little bit different because I’m bringing more of a vintage feel and element, like in the seventies, eighties, and nineties–and integrating it into 21st-century productions.  The storylines I want to bring back are the ones of the vintage era.”

What sold me on being part of the LUXXXE family is Daniels’ dynamic, innovative vision, his sense of fair play, and his unwavering commitment to racial/ethnic diversity.

And being an author and writer, I’m quite enthusiastic about penning engaging, well-crafted, and thoroughly entertaining scenes with fully fleshed out, three-dimensional characters for the adult consumer to savor…and enjoy.

I’m beyond jazzed to dig into my new role!  Will keep ya posted!