Saturday, January 8!

That’s the return date of WYATT!— the engaging, thought-provoking, and uproarious radio show!

WYATT! does a deep dive into those timely and critical issues that impact Gay/SGL (Same-Gender-Loving) men with a diverse set of LGBTQ movers, shakers, and change agents. The podcast is absorbing, informative, provocative…and sprinkled with sly, spicy (and sometimes a wee bit) scandalous humor!  The fast-growing podcast airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

This scintillating and fascinating installment of WYATT! kicks off 2022 with a freakin’ BANG!  Our special guest is Mr. Dillon Diaz, who’s made his definitive—and distinctive—mark on the adult entertainment universe!  He’s a versatile adult actor who consistently delivers convincing performances in Gay, bi, straight, and trans scenes alike.

This red-hot performer has many accolades and accomplishments under his belt, having been featured in numerous productions by a collection of studios, including Falcon, Noir Male, Biphoria,  and  And, then there’s his prestigious GayVN nomination he shares with his significant other, the skyrocketing adult performer Jake Waters!  (The GayVNs are known as Gay adult entertainment’s“Oscar” awards.)

In our exclusive sit-down, Diaz and I discuss a broad range of issues. It’s a refreshingly open, honest, and no holds barred conversation!  You discover that the erudite and winsome entertainer cherishes the industry.  Therefore, he’s working to address racial/ethnic discrimination within the biz by improving script quality for MOC (men of color) and championing the diversity of casting for darker-skinned men.  Diaz is a strong advocate for making the industry a more equitable workplace for actors of color.

How does Diaz feel about winning his GayVN nom?  “Jake and I got nominated for ‘Best Duo‘ for our scene in the feature film Making the Grade for Falcon Studios.  It was a lot of fun to do…it was great to work with the love of my life and get paid to do what we would do on our own anyway,” he chuckles.  “It was a win-win situation for sure.”  He shares even more of his thoughts on receiving the honor.

Next, we travel through the “corridors of time” to uncover the porn sensation’s beginnings.  “I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  That’s my home…that’ll always be my home, but I don’t know if I’ll ever live there again.”  You’ll discover the full meaning behind those words.

So, just what three characteristics best described Diaz as a kid—a little nipper?  “I was painfully shy, introverted, and always an old soul…I didn’t wanna deal with any of the things that other kids did…that didn’t appeal to me, I didn’t relate to that.”  Our special guest delves deeper into those sentiments.

“I was groomed for a very conventional and disciplined life,” he continues. “I was supposed to get a respectable job doing something that would pay the bills and have medical benefits like my mom and dad.” However, Diaz was of a different mindset, which led him to take on a variety of positions in the creative arts.  The result:  some rather amusing stories and profound life lessons.

I inquire about the why behind Diaz’s decision to enter the “skin game”.  Was it a methodical process?  “Well, it wasn’t something I thought long and hard about, and it’s never really about the sex…it’s not about the sex.” The porn actor’s full explanation is startling!  Truly eye-opening.

“My success in adult entertainment has been a very unexpected surprise. I was once painfully shy and introverted. The stage fright was real,” Diaz adds.   “To this day. I still get anxiety before a performance but once the director says ‘action’, the trepidation fades away and I become the stage name.”  He unpacks all of that.

Then I inquire, “What’s your favorite sexual configuration:  one-on-ones, threesomes, orgies?”  Now, what he reveals might surprise you!  (He gives us this teaser: “It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!”)

Next, Diaz clues us into a major misconception porn consumers have.  And when you ponder his answer, it’s quite commonsensical.

Soon, we segue to fellow porn actor Jake Waters, his life partner.  Diaz gives us the 411 on how they met and fell and love.  He discloses the three things he loves and respects most about Waters.  Diaz adds, “I love the man.  I am so looking forward to our future together.  I’m very happy.”

We have an insightful discourse about racial/ethnic discrimination within adult entertainment.  “I think that the most obvious thing you see is numbers.  When you watch any porn, when you log onto any website, you see lots of white men but few men of color.  We’re (MOC) just not getting booked.  We’re not able to compete at the same level because we’re just not getting booked. And then when we do, we’re often getting booked in roles that are less superior, they’re beneath our counterparts.”

According to Diaz, the studios did want to hear about his experiences and learn how they could make things better.  The preceding excerpt is just a snippet of the extensive conversation we had on this salient issue.

Diaz is proud of his sizable presence in Friends in Heat, the upcoming full feature film produced by LUXXXE Studios, the creation of “Performer of the Decade,” Mr. J. D. Daniels.  “I’m writing Friends in Heat with J. D.’s help, we’re doing it together.  It’s gonna be like a night-time soap opera with explicit sex…we’re gonna have a storyline, which is important to me. I like to know how we get from point A to point B,” he explains.

“I don’t wanna just jump into the sex,” he adds, then providing the nitty-gritty, the “full monty” on the much-anticipated Friends in Heat.  Along with that, Mr. Diaz reveals future career goals, and how he intends on continuing to make a real difference in adult entertainment.

So, Yo!  You won’t wanna miss this provocative and super-sized episode of WYATT!  

Simply put, WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”