As everyone’s aware, as a journalist, my signature issue is Gay Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A).  This demoralizing, horrendous–and potentially life-threatening–behavior is heavily stigmatized; thereby, it tends to be grossly underreported.  Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to shine a bright light on IPV/A. 

     And just recently, there’s been an unfortunate “twist” or sorts in this sick, galling saga.  Just days ago, Jacqueline Alexander, a Memphis, Tennessee woman, was charged with beating and punching her own son—all because she believes he’s gay.  The age of Alexander’s son has not yet been revealed. 

     According to WREG, News Channel 3 in Memphis, “Police said she punched her son in the face because she thinks he’s ‘too feminine’ and gay.”  According to the news channel, the child had bruises on his face when police arrived. 

     WREG interviewed Will Batts of the city’s LGBT Community Center.  According to Batts, this type of abuse occurs all too often. 

     “’We certainly have lots of kids and adults who come into the center who talk about being abused or hurt in some way by the people who are supposed to be the ones who care most about them’ he said.” 

     Batts stated that he “’wants to see a change in how people think, an acceptance of all, regardless of their sexual orientation, and to break the barriers of gender stereotypes’.” 

     “’We live with these really strict rules about how people should act or dress or talk or behave, and life is so much more complicated than that’,” he added. 

     Alexander’s bond has been set at $1,000.