The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show—closes out its mini-season run on Thursday, March 26,

7 PM EST, with a Freakin’ BLAST!  I’ll conduct an open and raw discussion of Polyamory.  For the purposes of this particular conversation, this term will be ascribed to the lifestyle in which (usually) three men are sexually and emotionally intimate together–at the same time! 

     Part of what will make Thursday’s conversation unique is my Special Guest, Mr. Apacolypse ONYX.  His “Poly Family” includes not two…but THREE other guys!  You’ll learn how Polyamory nurtures and sustains him.  He’ll discuss the requirement and the need for effective communication.  And, we’ll both clue you in on how to create a successful Poly Relationship—if you are looking to adopt that lifestyle. 

     And you just know that MS. CUNTISH CUMSHOT–“Drag Queen Supreme” and my Sometimes/Part-Time Co-Host—will provide listeners with her unique Point Of View!  Oh, my goodness….! 

     The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show!  Always Fierce, Fascinating and Fearless Talk…with FEELING!  (And, “Git Ready” for the B-I-G Return on Sunday, May 31, @9 PM ET, 6 PM PT!)