On Friday, October 30, WYATTEVANS.COM Guest Writer Mr. R. L. Norman returns, making his considerable and unique presence known with his Column entitled, “Honey, Let Me Tell You Something!” 

    And this time out, R. L. interviews Ms. LaToya Hankins, the popular and renowned Lesbian author and poet.  It’s a colorful and revealing portrait of the talent–who’s also an activist.   Trust and Believe:  Mr. Norman has worked his magic again! 

     As you’re aware, R. L. is an accomplished, thought-provoking and soulful author who pens the popular “Honey Let Me Tell You” series of novels.  The latest installment in that series drops very, very soon!  And, R. L. performs his nationwide, one-man show entitled, “Norman’s One Night Stand.”  Details on both are forthcoming, so stay tuned!