Saturday, August 13!  The WYATT! Podcast proudly welcomes Entrepreneur Extraordinaire MR. FERNANDO VELEZ, founder and CEO of  Kraven Comics!  Mr. Velez is making an indelible mark within the LGBTQ community with his bold and intrepid series of comic books, which are motivational—as well as entertaining to the max!

According to Mr. Velez, “We aim to provide to the LGBTQ community the rightly-deserved representation in the comic book industry. With high-quality pages and attention to detail, our artists give an LGBTQ-centric comic book. Available in different languages and on multiple digital platforms, we will always do our best to make Kraven Comics accessible from anywhere in the world, focusing on inclusivity and awareness of social justice issues. At Kraven Comics, we believe anyone can be a Hero.”

 In this special edition of WYATT!, Fernando reveals how he overcame daunting and challenging obstacles that would have crushed lesser individuals.  You’ll learn how his drive, commitment, hard work–and intestinal fortitude–have enabled him to become the major success that he is today.  His compelling and poignant story will make you say, “I’ve gotta get off my ass, stop complaining, and make my dreams into realities.”

Fernando and I also chat about other salient topics including both of our experiences with Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A).  And, we do a deep dive into  “everything Kraven,” including his spectacular and sublime new publication titled Kraven!  As you already know, all of Mr. Velez’s publications are gourmet feasts for the eyes.

This new installment of WYATT! is inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining! In other words, it’s WYATT! at its very finest.

Just another of the many, many reasons that WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”