“Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.” 

     As so many of you recall, I published “Interview With An Escort:  An Update” last summer.  It was a raw and revealing follow-up with “Jase,” an exclusive and popular NYC gay/SGL “Man of the Evening,” whom I first interviewed in March 2015.

     I’ve decided to build a series around this individual.  Why?  Three basic reasons:  the first is that the utilization of “specialized” services of escorts arguably is a staple of gay and bisexual male culture.  Second, this person’s continuing story has been one of the most popular articles on Wyattevans.com.  Third–and certainly most appetizingly—Jase is a fascinating brotha with charisma oozing outta his pores.  

     I’ll never share Jase’s website and contact information because this series is NOT about advertising or promoting his services.  Instead, it’s to give you, the reader, an illuminating bird’s-eye view of his world–one you just might step into one day.

     In this installment, we finally learn about a pivotal life experience that shaped  Jase, thrusting him on the path that he currently treads.



     A few years ago, a Huffington Post article entitled, “Sex for Tuition:  Gay Male College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ to Pay Off Loan Debt,”featured a New York University student who was desperately trying to manage his $50,000 tuition bill. 

     His solution?  Midway through college, Kirk started turning tricks in order to pay the bill.

     And even after graduation, the young man continued to escort.  According to that Huffington Post article, “He has continued selling his wares on what he describes as ‘virtual street corners’—websites where young gay men seek out the companionship of wealthy older suitors.”

     Kirk is far from the only man, be he young or not-so-young, who’s amongst the ranks of “the oldest profession.”  Sometimes, while on my promotional trips to Manhattan (NYC), I’ve sat down with arguably one of that city’s most popular escorts.  To “get into his head,” I asked him a wide range of questions. 

     I’m not using his real name (or the “handle” he uses, for that matter) because it’s not my purpose to give him free promotion.   My purpose is to give you some insight into the life of an escort.    

     Actually, “Jase’s” story mirrors Kirk’s.  He, too, got into the “bizness” to settle his college debts.  And like Kirk, even after he earned his degree in communications (rather apropos, don’tcha think?), the articulate, sophisticated and charming Jase continues to escort.  He’s been at it for nearly seven years now. 

     Uncommonly handsome, dominant and very self-assured, Jase (early thirties) exudes raw sexuality!  And, let’s not even talk about swagger.

     At 6’2”, 228 pounds, this African-American is hugely and thickly muscled.  He sports a military haircut, ‘stache and goatee.  Being well-groomed is his hallmark.   

     Superbly masculine, he’s very accessible.  His dazzling white smile and smoldering eyes are disarming. 

     Although personable, Jase is all bizness.  You don’t mess with him, you don’t cheat him.  You don’t fuck (with) him.

     ‘Cause, ya see, he’s ALL about the money.



     (It’s March 2015.)

     WYATT:  Jase, thanks for this interview.

     JASE:  No problem, glad to do it.

     WYATT:  Let’s just jump right into it.  Why did you become an escort?  Did childhood experiences somehow coerce, force you into it?

     JASE:  Oh, hell no!  Although you hear that a lot about other folk, that wasn’t the case with me.  For me, it’s all about money:  after the economy imploded in 2007, there’s a “whole new world order.”  You’ve had to find different streams of income.  I was drowning in student debt, and I believed that escorting was the best way of quickly getting the most cash possible.  (The stud has one helluva deep, melodious voice.)

     WYATT:  And you continue to escort even after you paid down your debt, after you graduated and found a decent job?

     JASE:  As you know, graduates have tens of thousands of debt.  It’ll take almost forever to wipe it out.  That’s the new world order.  And even though I was lucky to get a good job, it still doesn’t pay what I would like.  So, I decided to continue “seeing” guys.  (Then, he flashes a wide grin.) Besides, I enjoy it!

     WYATT:  Well, what appeals to you most about escorting?

     JASE:  I’m highly—and I do mean highly—sexual!  I like the thrill of being with multiple guys—of different ages, races, body types, personalities.  And man, look at me (hearty laugh)—folks should pay to sleep with me!

     WYATT:  Jase, do you sleep with guys and not get paid for it?  Like, “recreational sex?”

     JASE:  Nope.  Not at all.

     WYATT:  Really?

     JASE:  Really.

     WYATT:  I see.  Are you gay–or “gay for pay?”

     JASE:  Totally gay…totally into men.  Been there and done that with women!  A woman can’t do anything for me.

     WYATT:  Jase, describe your clientele.

     JASE:  Although I’m open to all races/ethnicities, my clientele is mostly white, professional, well-to-do, married.  The percentage breakdown is, like, 65 (white)/25 (black)/10 (Latino).

     WYATT:  You appear to be pretty exact!

     JASE:  Mos’ definitely!  I’m a professional, very methodical.  I treat “everythang” in life as a bizness.  You have to.

     WYATT:  Do you use drugs with your clients?

     JASE:  Hell no!  If a client wants to when he’s with me, that’s cool.  However, I refuse to indulge.  For my safety, I can’t afford to be mentally impaired.  (Pause.)  And where anal sex is concerned, it’s condoms all the way!  None of this bareback crap.

     WYATT:  I assume you’re top?

     JASE:  Oh, so totally. 

     WYATT:  Well Jase, exactly what do you do in bed with your clients?

     JASE:  I’m a top, both anally and oral.  Lots of body contact.  I like to deep kiss—as long as there are no breath issues.  Heavily into licking and sucking nips.  And, I just love “tossin’ salad”…before I give my client the main course, if you catch my drift!    Also, I get into role playing: daddy/son, prison guard/inmate, etc., etc.  

     WYATT:  What sexual act with a client do you most enjoy?

     JASE:  Hmmmm…getting my dick s**ked.  Hands down!  Bro, how I “LUV” the feel of a slick, wet, hot mouth up and down and all over my throbbing, rock hard, juicy “thang.”

     WYATT:  Jase, our readers and I wanna know:  just how BIG are you?

     JASE:  Nine and a half.  Wide and “phat” (fat).  Nice mushroom head.  Curves to the right.  (He chuckles.) Yo, he’s my Buddy!  My money maker.

     WYATT:  Whoa.

     JASE:  Lemme stop talking about this!  I can get hard at the drop of a hat. 

     WYATT:  On the average, how many clients do you see a week?

     JASE:  Three, sometimes four.  I have a good deal of regulars.  

     WYATT:  So, you get your clients via the internet?

     JASE:  Definitely.  That’s the safest, most efficacious way to go.  As you know, I have an elaborate website.

     WYATT:  You certainly do. Have you ever been busted by the cops?

     JASE:  Not once, knock on wood!  I’m very low key, if you will.  If you’re sane in this bizness, sure, you have concerns.  You’re must always be vigilant.  And, I put potential clients through a detailed, lengthy interview.  After that, I can tell if the guy is “on the level.” 

     Besides, my site specifically states “companionship”—and that’s what the client is paying for.  Companionship.   Now, being consenting adults, if after meeting we decide to have sex, well…

     WYATT:  Jase, have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation with a client?

     JASE:  Fortunately, no.  My physical size and demeanor prevents that from happening.  However, I’ve had a couple of escort buddies who weren’t so lucky.

     WYATT:  What happened?

     JASE:  Well, one was set up by a cop.  Another was raped by a client and his friends.

     WYATT:  Have you ever been stiffed by a client?

     JASE:  Two times, and two times only!  The first happened the first year I began escorting.  A bounced check! (Jase’s ire is rising.) That’s why I NEVER accept checks from non-regulars; a regular is someone I’ve seen for at least a year. 

     The other time also occurred during my first year.  After the session, the client claimed he “left his wallet at home.”  I remained in his hotel room for hours, having my way with him—if you know what I mean!  (Jase’s expression is simultaneously funny–and scary.)  Lessons learned…   

     WYATT:  So Jase, how long do you plan to continue escorting?

     JASE:  Honestly Wyatt, I don’t know.  It depends on the economy.  However, if I lose my spark, my desire for it, I’ll be done.  I’ll vanish.

     WYATT:  Jase, thanks for giving my audience a window into what’cha do.

     JASE:  It’s all good, Wyatt.  Now, you’ve gotta become a ghost, ‘cause I’ve gotta “break in” a new client in 30 (minutes)! 

    A few months after that, Jase took down his escort “shingle,” and pretty much became that “ghost.”


2016:  Returning to Form

     (It’s June 2016.)  

     WYATT:  Yo, Jase.  It’s good to speak with you again!  How have you been since our last talk?  Are you still on the, as we say, “straight and narrow?”

     JASE:  “Straight and narrow?”  (There’s his patented hearty laugh!)  A great way of putting it…

     WYATT:  Well?

     JASE:  Wyatt, I’ll be honest…

     WYATT:  I want you to be.  (I’m laughing now.)

     JASE:  I’m back in.

     WYATT:  The bizness?

     JASE:  Yes.

     WYATT:  Whoa!  What happened?

     JASE:  I was fired from my regular gig three months ago.  No severance, no nothing!

     WYATT:  Man, I’m really sorry to hear that. 

     JASE.  Thanks.  I saw it coming, and it was quite messy.

     WYATT:  Any prospects?

     JASE:  I’m interviewing like crazy!  Meanwhile, I got back into escorting.  I refuse to be financially compromised.  I gotta eat, if you know what I mean.

     WYATT:  I feel you.  Let me ask you:  when you find another position, will you continue to escort?

     JASE:  (Hesitating.)  To be honest, I couldn’t tell you for sure.  (Long pause.)  However, if you’d put a gun to my head, I’d have to say, “yes.”

     WYATT:  Really?

     JASE:  Yup.  And you know what?  I missed all the sex!

     WYATT:  Can you explain further?

     JASE:  Look:  as I said when we spoke last time, I crave sex…and with multiple guys!  And I have to admit that I “get off” on being desired…and being in control, sexually.  Point blank period.

     WYATT:  Well, that says it all.

     JASE:  It does.

     WYATT:  Jase, I hope you find a regular job soon, and one that really inspires you.  And, be careful out there.

     JASE:  No doubt, no doubt.

     WYATT:  Thanks for your time.


When Opportunity Knocks, Well Go On and Answer the Door!

     (While I was in the Big Apple in February meeting with producers on “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!,” Jase and I had a sit-down scheduled.  Unfortunately, an emergency on his part prevented that.  However, near the end of  March, I snagged an extended Skype session.)

     WYATT:  So Jase:  I trust everything turned out okay.

     JASE:  Everything’s all good now.

     WYATT:  Great!  You know, your story continues to be one of the more popular—and intriguingWyattevans.com articles.

     JASE:  Now that’s what’s up!  (That infectious laugh again!)

     WYATT:  It’s been nearly a year, and my readers wanna know just what you’ve been up to.  (Now, I’m doubling over in laughter.)

     JASE:  (A naughty glint in his eyes.)  Wyatt, what you really mean is, “WHOM I’ve been into.”

     WYATT:  Ahem…well, yeah!

     JASE:  Well, as you know, when we last spoke, I had gotten back into the biz.

     WYATT:  I recall.  But before we jump into that, let me ask: have you been able to land that mainstream job…you know, the one “on the reg?”

     JASE:  Knock on wood, yes! It’s a flexible consulting gig.  I’m lovin’ the positive energy, so I plan to keep it for more than a “minnit.”

     WYATT:  Does it pay well, may I ask?

     JASE:  (Grinning.)  What you’re really askin’ is if it’s enough for me to quit being a Man of the Evening.  And Morning.  And Afternoon.

     WYATT:  Oh, you clever devil, you!  Correctomundo!

     JASE:  I could kinda swing “thangs” with the consulting being my only source of income.  However…

     WYATT:  “However” what?

     JASE:  As I’ve said before, I’m a fuckin’ sexual connoisseur…a bedroom athlete and experimenter!  Translation:  I fuckin’ crave sex, and with more than a few “menz” (mens)!

     WYATT:  And in our last interview you admitted, and I quote, “I ‘get off’ on being desired…and being in control, sexually.  Point blank period.”

     JASE:  (Flashing his very own version of the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s eye roll/scrunch.)  True dat.

     WYATT:  Jase, you’ve also said, and I quote, “Look at me!  Folks should pay to sleep with me!”

     JASE:  Hell yeah!  (The bruh’s dazzling white smile and smoldering eyes are as disarming as ever.) 

     WYATT:  So, your shingle’s still up?

     JASE:  Yup.  And that ain’t all!  You feelin’ me?  (He chuckles.  Oh, what a clever man!)

     WYATT:  (I’m LMAO!)  “Aight,” now.  I’m tryin’ to keep this clean!

     WYATT:  (I quickly interject:)  Jase, before I forget:  have you ever done porn?

     JASE:  Nada.  Once you do porn, you can’t take it back—your image is out there.  Porn can fuck up any career aspirations you have.

     WYATT:  Cool, cool.  Now, let’s go back to that shingle conversation.  As they say, “Inquiring minds wanna know.”

     JASE:  (Leaning back in his chair and getting quite comfy.)  I’ve drastically cut back on seeing clients, though.

     WYATT:  Really?  Why?

     JASE:  (Inhaling deeply, then throwing a playful wink.)  I’ve met someone.

     WYATT:  But in our previous talks, you said you don’t do recreational sex.

     JASE:  True dat.

     WYATT:  Well, do explain.

     JASE:  (Becoming serious.)  Okay, here’s the deal:  nearly three months after our last interview, this cray cray wealthy and connected gay German guy (“Helmut”) hired me as an escort for a couple of hours.  Things got so so freakin’ hawt that it turned into an over-nighter! 

     WYATT:  Whoa!  Interesting.

     JASE:  Bro, that ain’t the half of it!  (He’s grinning from ear to ear.)  Helmut kept coming back fo’ mo’…and more!  This led to him putting me on a very, very generous retainer. 

     And, it wasn’t just about the bedroom!  We began to go out socially, to get to know each other in different ways.   Helmut’s taken me to his mansion in L.A., and his compound right out of Berlin.  He was born and raised there.  (According to Jase, his “benefactor” also has a Manhattan apartment, and a home in Maui.)

     Then, right before Christmas, Helmut told me he was falling in love with me.  He wanted an exclusive arrangement, and for me to move in with him here in NYC, where he lives most of the year.

     WYATT:  Dang, Jase!  That’s a lot to take in.

     JASE:  For me, too!  At first.  But I played hard to get.

     WYATT:  “Inquiring minds wanna know…”

     JASE:  I told him that if I was gonna do this, I expected to be compensated—and very, very well!  A new vehicle titled in my name, credit cards in my name with continuing healthy monthly balances, etc.  And for now, I’d keep my consulting gig.

     WYATT:  Jase, I have to ask:  do you love him?

     JASE:  (He grimaces.)  Oh, no, no, no!  It ain’t about THAT.  Love can be so, so…well, over-rated.

     Now, truth be told, I’m fond of him.  And, I’ve told Helmut that.  He’s easy on the eyes, hot in bed.  He’s had valuable business and life experiences that can benefit me.  So for now, it’s a win-win.  For both of us.

     WYATT:  Man, I’m not being judgmental, but aren’t you leading him on?

     JASE:  (Becoming a tad agitated, slightly defensive.)  Not at all!  Look, he knows what he’s getting into:  I’m an escort, for gawdsakes!  However, I’ll always be upfront, and not disrespect him.

     WYATT:  Exactly what do you mean, Jase?

     JASE:  Now that we’ve hooked up, I’ve agreed not to see any other clients. However, there is a caveat.

     WYATT:  Which is?

     JASE:  As I’ve stated, I’m highly sexual!  I need variety.  Point blank period.

     WYATT:  You’ve told Helmut that?  How will you reconcile that and still have an exclusive arrangement with him?

     JASE:  (Clearing his throat.)  Yup, I’ve clued him in.  I told him that for me to be happy, we’d have to have threesomes from time to time.

     WYATT:  Did he go for it?

     JASE:  A little begrudgingly, but yeah.

     WYATT:  Jase, to be blunt:  will the third party pay you?

     JASE:  (Smiling.)  Of course!  Helmut has buddies with truckloads of cash.  And, I think he’s kinda turned on by the prospect.

     WYATT:  Now, let me play devil’s advocate.  Aren’t you screwin’ with this guy’s head, trashing his heart—in other words, using him?

     JASE:  (Quite assertive.  And on the “defensive tip.”)  No way Jose, Wyatt!  He knows what he’s in for, and I’ve been very clear about it.  He met me as an escort.  And, he’s fuckin’ lucky to have me! 

     Yo, I’m superb eye candy!  And, he’s got a man on his arm who’s refined, well spoken, and sophisticated.

     WYATT:  I see.  Now, I’d like to circle back to a certain issue, if I may.

     JASE:  Sure thang!  Give it your best shot.  (Having gotten stuff off his chest, he again flashes that helluva infectious smile!)

     WYATT:  (My eyes zero into his.)  Jase—why have you sworn off falling in love?  That seems like such an anathema to you.

     JASE:  (Becoming visibly vulnerable.)  You really wanna know?

     WYATT:  (Maintaining my laser-like eye contact.)  Yeah, I really do!  And, knowing will enable our readers to understand you better.

     JASE:  Okay, okay.  But first, lemme say that I’m not some cold, calculating bastard trying to roll over and get over on folk.  (Pause.)  As an escort, I satisfy a request for companionship—and it’s not always sexual.  It’s a transaction between two consenting adults, who both know what they’re getting into—and getting! 

     JASE:  (Now smiling and pointing at his divinely muscled body.)  Look at me!  There’s no false advertising here.  Hey: I don’t put a gun to any guy’s head, forcing them to use my services.

     (I’ve been careful not to interject, interrupt.  I want Jase to finally get to “the heart of the matter,” if you will.  He continues.) 

     JASE:  My dad, whom I worshipped, died suddenly when I was 15.  It hit me like a ton of bricks! 

     I was lost, and desperately needed a father figure.  Unfortunately, there was no one who stepped in to fill that void.

     JASE:  When I was 16 and a high school junior, I played football.  And then, my coach—a married man–entered the picture.

     JASE:  (Swallowing hard.)  I was attracted to him from the jump!  Man, he was built from head to toe, dominant, and had this incredible swagger about him!  Like a fuckin’ shark smelling blood in the water, he saw my extreme neediness.  And exploited it.

     WYATT:  Jase—so, you’re saying he sexually molested you?

     JASE:  Yes.   But first, he “groomed” me—giving me extra special attention, encouraging me, telling me over and over just how “wonderful” I was!  Made me think he was my greatest friend and supporter.  He flirted with me.  Seduced me.

     Needless to say, I fell hard for him!  He was like my best friend, brother…and daddy, all rolled into one.  It was sooooooo fuckin’ intoxicating.

     WYATT:  Man, I’m so sorry…

     JASE:  Eventually, he took me to bed—at his place one weekend when his wife was out of town.  The affair lasted months.  I have to admit that even to this day, Coach is the best I’ve ever had.

     WYATT:  I know it ended at some point; because more often than not, the abuser eventually disposes of his young victim. 

     JASE:   (Sadness—and a tear or two—begin to well up in his expressive eyes.)  Ain’t dat the truth! (Pause.) After a few months, he cut it off! (For dramatic effect, the big man runs his beefy hand under and across his neck.)   No warning, no explanations!  I was devastated.

     (He’s working hard to maintain his composure; doesn’t want to show any “chinks in the armor.”)

     JASE:  To this day, I can still remember what he said:  “I’m ending THIS.  What we’ve done together stays between us.  If you tell anybody, I’m gonna put you in a whole world of hurt!  In more ways than you could ever imagine.” 

     And hell yeah, I believed him!  Ya see, Coach was intimidating, imposing…he could be a thug if necessary. 

     WYATT:  Damn.

     JASE:  Yup.  So, I acted like nothing ever happened. 

     (Then suddenly, Jase snaps back to his “normal” self.)

     JASE:  That’s why I’ve vowed never to be emotionally vulnerable, never to open up and share my heart with another guy.  

     WYATT:  Jase, thanks for sharing your experience with us.  I really appreciate it.

     JASE:  Sure, Wyatt.  No prob.

     WYATT:  Any last thing you’d like to share about your current “arrangement?”

     JASE:  I’m gonna ride this gravy train for as long as I enjoy the ride!  And as long as it’s profitable.    Yo:  I’m covering my black ass in as many ways as I possibly can!  Ya feelin’ me?