I wanna thank Mr. W.D. Foster-Graham, author extraordinaire, for giving a rousing three thumbs up to my latest novel, “NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART—FRENZY!”   For his review, visit:  https://wfostergrahamauthor.com/blog/  

     Mr. Foster-Graham is an original member of the Grammy-Award winning ensemble, Sounds of Blackness.  And, W.D. also has been recognized by the International Society of Poets as one of its “Best New Poets of 2003.”  You can check out W.D.’s latest exciting and poignant series of novels at https://wfostergrahamauthor.com/my-books/

     I’m proud to have this accomplished individual weigh in on my “NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART” series of novels!  To “git yo’self” all caught up in the “FRENZY!”visit:  https://wyattevans.com/nothing-can-tear-us-apart-frenzy-book/

     The “FRENZY!” is upon you!  Seriously.  Inextricably. So Freakin’ Tow-ta-lee!!!