It is imperative that you make a date with this date:  Saturday, June 12.

Why?  That’s when the new installment of WYATT!, the rapidly growing radio show,  drops!  The absorbing and thought-provoking podcast airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

This episode of WYATT! is part one of a special series that tackles and drills down on a demoralizing, destructive, and potentially life-threatening cycle of behavior:  Domestic Violence Abuse and Sexual Violence (DVASV) and Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, or IPV/A.  Within the LGBTQ community, DVASV is known as IPV/A.

To this end, I’ve invited a dear friend to share her wealth of experience and expertise on this urgent and critical societal issue:  Ms. Tonya G J Prince!  With nearly 30 years of service, this professional is a leading national subject matter expert (SME) in domestic violence abuse and sexual violence.  She is a celebrated and renowned authority who has authored several books on this cycle of dysfunction.  Her work reaches victims and survivors who seek crucial information—and healing.

Ms. Prince is a source for professionals and grassroots advocates/activists who seek to help others utilizing a methodology that is empathetic, compassionate–and demonstrates a high level of cultural appreciation and respect.

And as an activist and advocate, her work can be found on influential online platforms she’s created–with being one of the most sought after.  This lady is both a soldier and a change agent!  (Make sure to visit for resources in the fight against Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse.)

During this poignant and powerful WYATT!, Tonya and I will discuss in detail exactly what DVASV and IPV/A mean; the three forms of this syndrome; the ramifications and consequences; why and how silence is the most potent weapon in an abuser’s arsenal—and more!

Additionally, Tonya will share her personal experience with domestic violence abuse and sexual violence.  This edition of WYATT! delivers the “Three R’s” to ya:  Real.  Raw. Riveting!

In a couple of weeks, Ms. Prince returns for part two of this essential series.  We must continue to shine the bright, white-hot light on IPV/A and DVASV.

And always recognize:    WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks.”