Special Announcement!

The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc. has chosen me to participate in the new Op-Ed Program for its influential and well-respected online platform, The Gay Male Journal.   The subject of my first entry is Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A), which is domestic violence and abuse within the LGBTQ Community.

Largely due to stigma, IPV/A tends to be swept under the rug; it’s that elephant in the room.  Therefore, it tends to be dramatically under-reported.  Here’s the link to my op-ed:  https://gaymalejournal.org/the-sway-of-intimate-partner-violence-abuse/

Jose Perez, VP of Operations, The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc., stated, “Mr. Evans has been selected because he has a voice, view, and/or opinion that we believe will resonate with our readers.”

Perez continued.  “We have created this opportunity to provide gay males whose life and professional experiences are not given the weight they deserve an outlet.  It is important that one group or belief system is not able to silence others and have total control over the narrative around gay male health, including HIV.”

I’m proud and fortunate that The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc. and The Gay Male Journal are providing me with yet another opportunity and venue to shine that bright, white-hot on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A).  This demoralizing, destructive and potentially life-threatening cycle of dysfunction affects millions of Americans.

The good news, however, is that this public health problem is preventable.  And keep in mind that silence is the most potent weapon in the arsenal of an abuser.  You must tell someone!  Anyone who will listen.

Because you know what?  Love ain’t supposed to hurt.