Lockdown this date:  Saturday, June 5!

That’s when the brand new episode of WYATT!–my fast-growing and engrossing radio show—returns to the airwaves! The podcast airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

This time out, we travel the globe to Sydney, Australia.  And, I get to step into the boxing ring and go toe to toe (figuratively, not literally) with Mr. Martin Stark, founder, and CEO of the World Gay Boxing Championships (WGBC) organization!

An advocate of diversity, social justice, and fairness, Stark has endured extreme adversity:  after undergoing serious health crises, this gentleman experienced PTSD.  To counteract this anxiety disorder, he decided to take self-defense classes.

That’s where he discovered boxing.

Actually, according to our guest, boxing found him.  This led him to create the World Gay Boxing Championships.

The European Sponsorship Association has stated, “By showcasing the skills of the LGBTQ Community in a forum where they can focus on performing at the top of their game without the distraction of discrimination, the WGBC provides a platform to show why LGBTQ boxers should be confident and welcomed on any competitive stage.”

During this real and riveting episode of WYATT!, Martin and I will discuss how he overcame those life challenges that could have destroyed him; the impetus behind his formation of the WGBC; his diversity and inclusion work—and much more.  And by the by–his first match is June 26.

It’s WYATT! at its very best!

And always ‘memba:    WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”