The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc. has chosen me to participate in the new Op-Ed Program for its influential and well-respected online platform, The Gay Male Journal.

Jose Perez, VP of Operations, The Gay Male Rights Project, Inc., stated, “Mr. Evans has been selected because he has a voice, view, and/or opinion that we believe will resonate with our readers.”

Perez continued.  “We have created this opportunity to provide gay males whose life and professional experiences are not given the weight they deserve an outlet.  It is important that one group or belief system is not able to silence others and have total control over the narrative around gay male health, including HIV.”

In my new op-ed titled “Stranger Danger,”  I explore the dark side of apps we use for “gittin’ our freak on,” and examine the growing incidences of sexual assault and violence as a result of Grindr hookups.  Finally, I  provide ways to safeguard yourselves.   Visit

COVID—also “affectionately”  known as “Ms. ‘Rona”—has kept our libidos largely in lockdown for many months.  Now that the pandemic here in the States has mostly been contained, more and more of us are feeling that it’s safe to “scratch that itch”—if you catch my drift.

But be forewarned:  don’t let your aching and overheated loins overrule your common sense and sound judgment.

And always trust your gut!  Remember: it’s one of the most powerful weapons in your “safety arsenal.”