Monday, I had the privilege of being the special guest on #ILoveGay Today, one of the most venerable and popular LGBTQ+ podcasts!  Our effervescent discussion includes the 411 on my new WYATT! podcast, the impetus behind my Nothing Can Tear Us Apart series of novels, and how my journey has influenced and impacted my endeavors.

According to #ILoveGay Today’s website page, “Over the past several months, we’ve all been going through what perhaps may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience together… all of us, all around the world. In the LGBTQ+ community, we’re sure you’ve seen what we’ve been seeing… incredible creativity in how we adapt, stay safe and prepare ourselves for what’s on the other side of this post-pandemic world.

“#ILoveGay Today seeks to simply be a part of this creativity, showcasing and bringing together some of those amazing LGBTQ+ voices from all over the world,  So stay tuned as our next upcoming episodes explore the best in us, the global LGBTQ+ community, as part of #ILoveGay Today.”

I want to thank Mr. Matt Skallerud, the host of #ILoveGay Today!  He’s been a professional in the LGBTQ+ online industry for nearly three decades, helping companies reach their targeted LGBTQ+ demographic.  Skallerud is the president of Pink Media and the #ILoveGay network.

Yo, Matt!  Thanks for the opportunity to appear on the amazing #ILoveGayToday and for being so welcoming! You truly are The Man! With the plan! (LOL)