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16 03, 2015

Recapturing The ‘Hawtness’ (The HEAT!)

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     As you may know, I write an exclusive column, “The Chocolate Romantic,”  for ALL BEAR magazine--the popular Gay on line and print publication originating from the United Kingdom (U.K.).  Visit: I’ve dubbed ALL BEAR “The Playboy of the U.K!”       I decided to sift through my many The Chocolate Romantic columns to find one appropriate for two good buddies of [...]

22 12, 2014

Give the Holiday Blues a Swift Kick in the Arse (Ass, Butt…or Whatever)!

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     Got the “Holiday Blues?”  Well, Let Dr. Evans help Y’all out!      The following is courtesy of the brand new 2014 Christmas Edition of ALL BEAR Magazine, on sale now!  Visit:       Oh,“Gawd!”  You’re a Gay/SGL (Same Gender Loving) guy dreading that time of year—the holidays.        Why might you be in a major funk?  Well, maybe you feel [...]

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