Holiday Blues

18 12, 2019

Wipe Those Holiday Blues Away!

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     Ohhhhhh, “geezalou!”   It’s THAT time of the year.       Again!  And (seemingly) too soon.      It’s the Holidays, and you’re workin’ overtime to be…well you know…festive.       But oh, how you’re dreading it!          Why might you be in a major funk?       Maybe you’re feeling that you can’t be your “authentic self” around family--  still closeted, perhaps?       Or, might you be alone [...]

11 12, 2017

Kick Those Holiday Blues!

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     Oh, “Gawd!”  You’re an LGBTQ guy or gal simply dreading THAT time of year—the holidays!        Why might you be in a major funk?  Well, maybe you feel you can’t be your authentic self around family:  you’re still closeted.  Or, you might be alone, feeling isolated.  All of this can throw you into a nasty tailspin.  And where do you crash land?  Into one “helluva” depression!      Research bears out that the rates of depression [...]

22 12, 2014

Give the Holiday Blues a Swift Kick in the Arse (Ass, Butt…or Whatever)!

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     Got the “Holiday Blues?”  Well, Let Dr. Evans help Y’all out!      The following is courtesy of the brand new 2014 Christmas Edition of ALL BEAR Magazine, on sale now!  Visit:       Oh,“Gawd!”  You’re a Gay/SGL (Same Gender Loving) guy dreading that time of year—the holidays.        Why might you be in a major funk?  Well, maybe you feel [...]

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