The SHATTERED! Book Tour rolls on! I was delighted to be the special guest on Just Buy Less Coffee: Answering the Deeper Questions of American Politics. The acclaimed and popular podcast is hosted by Troy Matthews, who focuses heavily on social justice and equal rights. Matthews has worked on multiple political campaigns and was an intern for the California State Assembly.

Troy and I delved into SHATTERED!, the continuing saga of Wes (African-American) and ‘Tonio (Latino), who struggle to keep their monogamous relationship alive and thriving. I discussed the novel’s themes (the aftermath of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A), mental instability, and Wes’ highly contentious and combustible father/son dynamic) and primary message. Additionally, I described my writer’s process.

Next, we segued to my work as an Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) advocate and SME (subject matter expert). I detailed what IPV/A is, its implications and ramifications, the warning signs, and how to extricate yourself from an abusive relationship.   

Finally, I shared my perspective on the state of politics in America today. Afterward, Matthews asked my thoughts on threats to the LGBTQ+ community and Black LGBTQ+ individuals in particular. 

To view my enlightening and entertaining appearance on Just Buy Less Coffee, view the video link, starting at 1:10:20.