“’Dang’ man!  You look damn good for your age!”

That soared out of the mouth of this rather attractive twentysomething guy at a recent function.  You see, he thought I was in my early forties; actually, I’m older.  (And yo!  Don’t even ask me by exactly how much—‘cause I ain’t gonna tell ya!  LOL.)

After that comment, if he thought he had any chance with me, he was dead wrong.

Dating can be full of potholes and minefields; but the experience can be even more daunting for those single gay/SGL (Same Gender Loving) men who are 40 and up.  In my newest Mood Swings column for BaltimoreOUTloud entitled, “Make Being a ‘Little Long in the Tooth’ Work for You,” I consult a respected certified love/relationship coach to find out how we“Men of a Certain Age” can win at the “Dating Game!”  Visit:  www.baltimoreoutloud.com/thinking-outloud/mood-swings/item/2455-make-being-a-little-long-in-the-tooth-work-for-you