Mark the date:  Friday, April 16!

That’s when a brand new installment of WYATT!, my rapidly growing and compelling radio show, drops!  The podcast can be found on both YouTube and Spotify.

The special guest for this episode of WYATT! is Mr. Killian Knox, a Southern gentleman who’s making quite a name for himself in the Gay/SGL (same gender loving) adult entertainment industry!  I refer to Knox as the “3-M Daddy”:  masculine, mature, and muscular!  He’s got that “tough vibe” goin’ on.  However, he’s rather affable.

Since his debut in 2018, Knox has already made a big splash in the industry.  And what makes his story so intriguing is that he entered the biz in his forties. Usually, most guys begin their adult entertainment careers in their twenties.

Knox states that he enjoys giving the viewer “a memorable experience, one that’s unique.”  He is laser-focused on the business side of porn.  For instance,  he’s punctilious in fully understanding the mechanics and the nuts and bolts of the production.  His end game is a quality feature that works–and sizzles!

One that is scorching hot!

Speaking of HEAT:  Knox will give us the 411 on “Scrum,” his latest release.   “Scrum” is a production by Raging Stallion, one of the premier Gay/SGL adult entertainment studios.  And Y’all, that 411 will include some rather tantalizing tidbits!

( The cast of “SCRUM,” a Raging Stallion (RS) release. From left to right: Sean Maygers (RS exclusive); Killian Knox; Chad Hammer; Cole Connor (RS exclusive); Eman Zod )

Additionally, we’ll discuss exactly what steered him towards the adult industry; all the elements that go into creating what you see on your screen; the ingredients of a “winning” threesome;  the necessity of promotion to grow a performer’s career—and much more!

So, join Killian and me for one helluva meaningful, insightful—and of course, entertaining– conversation!

And always remember: WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”