Has this year just flown by? This week is Thanksgiving, although I like to refer to it as “Turkey Day.”

As misterbandb.com states, “Thanksgiving has become synonymous with family and friends: a time to connect with one another both near and far and share a celebratory lunch or dinner together for the day. Yet for some, this is not always the case.” On one of the most “American” holidays we celebrate, some of us may be alone, while others choose to turn the day into an entire vacation by extending the holidays over the weekend.

I want to focus on those in the LGBTQ who will be unable to celebrate with their blood relatives. If you’re celebrating with your chosen family, you may not have created your own holiday traditions yet. According to Gayety.com, the following are various ways you can enjoy an LGBTQ Turkey Day together with your favorite friends.


It may be too cramped for your entire group of friends to cook in the same kitchen for Turkey Day. To lessen the pressure, try having a potluck Thanksgiving instead. You can assign dishes to friends, or they can volunteer their own ideas. Remember: food, memories, and identity are all closely intertwined, so having people prepare or bring a dish close to their hearts is a great opportunity to learn more about them.


If your chosen family is the kind that relishes a good song and dance, a singalong meal might be just the ticket. Talk to them about your playlist choices and arrange your song list. You can even form teams for a Turkey Day singing competition ala pitch perfect! Afterward, you can all enjoy your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner together, with extra slices of pumpkin pie or for the winners! Sounds like a dang good time for everyone!


Why not “flout” tradition, skip the typical Thanksgiving meal, and treat yourself to a festive vacation at a gay-friendly destination? Round up your chosen family for a trip to fun, inclusive places such as Portland, Fort Lauderdale, or Key West. These LGBTQ-friendly venues have an electric nightlife and appetizing dining spots where you can enjoy your choice of a low-key or wild Turkey Day party. Sooooo, dance your blues away, toast to the friends you’re thankful for, and make new memories!


Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a lonely or stressful holiday. Blood relatives aren’t the only type of family. What’s most critical is that you do what makes you feel happy, centered, fulfilled…and thankful!

Memba: you deserve to feel grateful for the season. So, go on and “git yo’ gobble, gobble on!”