Zero in on Friday, May 7!

That’s the date the brand new episode of WYATT!, my rapidly growing and compelling radio show, drops!  The podcast airs on both YouTube and Spotify.

Special guest for this episode of WYATT! is Mr. James Butler, a prominent force at the forefront of the Bear/Big Boy Community–a  subset within the LGBTQ community.  This leader, advocate, and visionary is educating and spreading awareness in consequential ways.

Mr. Butler is the founder of The Bears Network (, the cutting-edge, dynamic, and well-respected online infotainment destination specifically designed for bears and big “boyz”–and those who admire them.

As well, James is the creator of The Big Boy Project, the YouTube home for  “bears of color coming together to discuss pop culture, news, sex, life experiences, nerd culture and much, much more.”

Diversity is a cornerstone of both of Butler’s ventures—particularly The Bears Network.  It’s key. “We all know that the bear/big boy community is not just one entity; we come in different shades and sizes,” he states.  “The Bears Network is committed to bringing you diverse content so that everyone can find something they can relate to.”

James and I will discuss the origins of the bear/big boy community; what the community really means; misconceptions; the racial aspect/component regarding bears and big boyz; sex and romance; the missions of The Bears Network and The Big Boy Project—and so much mo’!

So, be sure to join us for some exceptionally thoughtful, insightful, and helluva entertaining talk!

And always remember: WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”