On August 21, the bears will be on the prowl, Y’all!!!  Grrrrrrrrrr…

The WYATT! podcast roars back with a new installment in its special series, “Let A BigBoi Keep Ya Warm!”  And trust and believe:  this is gonna be one helluva super-sized show!

WYATT! does a deep dive into those timely and critical issues that impact Gay/SGL (Same-Gender-Loving) men with a diverse set of LGBTQ movers, shakers, and change agents. The podcast is absorbing, informative, thought-provoking…and sprinkled with sly, spicy (and sometimes salacious!) humor. Airing on YouTube and Spotify, WYATT! is growing by leaps and bounds!

This episode’s special guest is Mr. Don Chooi, the trailblazing and acclaimed creator of Gay Bear Art!  Mr. Chooi has an enthusiastic and rapidly growing fanbase–particularly on social media.

In 1996, when he moved from Malaysia to New Zealand for his studies, Chooi began to find himself through homoerotic art – paying focus on the gay bear subculture. Gaining popularity and notoriety via social media, Don began to produce artwork depicting bigger, more hirsute bear figures under his DChooiDoodles brand.  Inspired by prominent artists of the genre, his bear art spoke of gay male confidence, masculinity, and sexual appeal.

Don is one prolific talent!  He’s written, illustrated, and produced an eighty-page graphic novel that speaks of Asian family values and dual identities.  Additionally, he’s contributed art and design to a variety of international publications and art galleries.

During his WYATT! appearance, Don and I will peel back the layers of the gay bear subculture.  Some of the salient issues we’ll dig into include:  precisely which aspects of bear culture attracts and intrigues him;  misconceptions about the community; similarities and differences of New Zealand and American bear culture.  We’ll also explore the treatment of BOCs (bears of color) by the larger bear community.

Additionally, this multi-faceted artist will give us the 411 on his DChooiDoodles brand!  Don is looking forward to explaining why his “art now moves to include themes of spirituality and nuanced Asian cultural sensitivity – in the hope of creating a dialogue that serves to connect and amplify similarly marginalized experiences.”

Y’all, this new installment of WYATT! shapes up to be an insightful, engaging…and rather stimulating experience!

So, you “bettah” recognize–WYATT! most assuredly is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”