Allow me to introduce an uber-talented, innovative, exciting and emerging musical talent! His name is CRISEAN, and this young African-American is openly gay. And in just a few months, I’ll have the distinct pleasure of sitting down with him on my new internet radio program, “The WOE Show.”
I’m reaching out to the Facebook Universe because Crisean has just initiated a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN–and he could use your help! Do read Crisean’s Open Letter. Many thanks in advance!

“Greetings, Friends! For the past couple of years I have been setting the foundation of the artist that I would like to become. I have realized that there is no set plan to follow. For the past year my plan has been set in motion. It has not been an easy journey. I have been doing everything on my own, being my own Stylist, Management, PR, Creative Director, Producer, Song Writer, Editor and Investor. I have realized that while these are a lot of hats to wear and it can be draining I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Because I have exhausted all of my funds, I would like the help of word of mouth, donations and investors to get behind the “Crisean Brand”.
“The Crisean Brand” is composed of my talent. Ever since I had the thought to want to become an entertainer, I have believed in myself. Determined and hardworking, I have spent long hours on my craft–countless open mics, talent shows, etc. I will keep persevering until there is nothing left in me; and then, I will have yet another go at it.
I’ve begun a Kickstarter Campaign that needs your help: with spreading the word about, donating funds to, and investing in the “Crisean Brand.” You see, you will not just be investing in me, but in the future of art and music. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of openly LGBTQ artists and talents in the mainstream–and even fewer who’ve achieved commercial success.

I am reaching for the stars! As you know, visibility is key to any community’s survival. I’m asking you to invest in my unlimited potential, and my unshakeable and unbreakable work ethic, drive and determination.
With your help, I can reach the top of the mountain…and clearly see those stars!”

Thank You,