This Thanksgiving:  prepare yourself for the uber-exciting and erotic-charged continuing saga of Wes and Tonio with the release of  DELIRIUM!,the long-awaited, brand-new installment in my Nothing Can Tear Us Apart (NCTUA)series of novels!

Here’s a refresher on how NCUTA goes down:

What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful? Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart? 

Desirable, wealthy openly Gay/SGL African American celebrity Wesley (Wes) Laurence Kelly yearns for a gratifying and enduring love. 

Unfortunately, it has slipped through his fingers!  Repeatedly.

Enter Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios, a deliciously muscular openly Gay/SGL Puerto Rican whom Wes has hired as his bodyguard.  He, too, has failed at love.   


But without warning, that magical, irrefutable and irresistible force known as chemistry TO-TA-LEE engulfs the pair!  They forge a strong bond.  However, they’re still too afraid to act on their escalating romantic feelings and sexual urges. 

Soon though, Wes and ‘Tonio break down and profess their love! 

However, a shadowy, mysterious individual throws their monogamous relationship in dire jeopardy!  This vicious entity manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes is being unfaithful. 

Taking the bait, the FRENZY!ed bodyguard physically brutalizes his soul mate!  This results in Wes kicking ‘Tonio to the curb. 

And that—along with childhood sexual abuse—cause Wes to split, to become another personality: “Walker”!  The polar opposite of Wes, Walker has a heart of stone–and ice water replacing the blood that runs through his veins!  On top of that, Walker’s deadly to the very core.

However, the forlorn and extremely remorseful ‘Tonio doesn’t give up!  With dogged determination and incredible resourcefulness, he helps Wes reclaim himself–to put himself back together again!  

And then, the shockers of all shockers happen:  the son Wes never knew he had abruptly drops into their lives, with all the impact of an atomic bomb!  To say the least, Wes is confused.  Dumbfounded.  To-ta-lee gobsmacked! 

So, what does this all mean for our beleaguered dynamic duo, who believed that they had worked their way back to one another, and were on the road to their “happy ending?”  And on top of all THAT, what other secrets, machinations, and trials and tribulations await them?     

But, most importantly: can Wes and ‘Tonio still vow that “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?”

There’s gonna be even more masculine romance, angst, danger, intrigue, soapy goodnessand 

dee-licious sexual/sensual situations!  Not to mention myriad and mind-bending twists and turns that you’ll be 

ab-so-lute-ly swept away!   

Above is an image in the running for the cover ofDELIRIUM!(Soon, I’ll be sharing other possibilities.)

Stay tuned!