Yo.  I’m hittin’ the airwaves again!

     On Saturday, November 28, it’s the amazing debut of WYATT! , my new eponymous podcast.  My new internet radio show spotlights, explores, and dissects relevant, timely, and critical issues that impact gay/SGL (Same-gender-loving) gentlemen—with a focus on ethnic men of a certain age.  Of course, WYATT! resonates with the LGBTQ Community at large and its Allies.

     Noteworthy and accomplished guests from all walks of life drop by, including authors, relationship and wellness experts, comedians, activists, media personalities, politicians, musicians…even adult performers!  Truly fascinating and eclectic individuals, sharing their intimate stories and unique voices. 

     WYATT! is uncut and uncensored.  And guess what?  I have a rather dee-li-cious sidekick who drops by from time to time:  Madam Pussygalore Cocakadoodledoo!  This “Drag Queen Supreme” gives us her particular take on what’s goin’ on,” and injects her very own patented hilarious and biting humor into the mix.

     WYATT! is one helluva thrill ride into the unexpected!  And, it’s EARGASM for the Grown Folk!  Trust and Believe.

     You can catch new episodes of The WYATT! Podcast on the 8th, 18th, and 28th of each month on Spotify, Itunes, YouTube.

     So, “airybody!”  Be prepared to be informed, titillated, entertained…and moved. 

(Wanna be a guest?  You can!  Email me at bookings@wyattevans.com.  Tell me what you’re all about and whatcha wanna talk about!  Let’s make it happen.)