Greetings! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for making THE WOE SHOW such a smash! I’m truly humbled….

Let me send out special thanks to the Guests who’ve already appeared on THE WOE SHOW: the dynamic Pito Savage and Rick Talons; the erudite Anthony Carter; the indomitable Sampson; the fascinating Hartsel Shirley; the accomplished “Mr. Y,” Corey Yarbrough; the English “Hawtness,” Dolan Wolf. And, allow me to thank in advance all of my upcoming guests, who are listed on THE WOE SHOW Page at WYATTEVANS.COM.

And last but not least: let me extend a VERY special thanks to Mr. Papi Chulo, President/CEO of (home of THE WOE SHOW). Papi, I appreciate you appreciating my vision–and my particular brand of “cray-crayziness!” LOL!