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3 08, 2016

Broken Bones, Broken Dreams—An Update

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Cover photo by Don Gillard     Towering over me and yelling at the top of his lungs, Antonio, my 6’4”, 280 pound muscled life partner, had me pinned against the wall--his huge, clammy left hand now grasping my neck!  I couldn’t move.                                              All the while, the following thoughts flashed in my head:   “This can’t be happening!  How can the man who’s repeatedly [...]

5 11, 2015

“Will It Ever End???,” Part Two

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“After years of being beaten and emotionally abused, I managed to gather the strength and courage to leave him.  I thought that finally, I was in the clear!  But how wrong I was…    “He beat the crap out of one of my buddies--to find out where I was!  And before you know it, he ‘popped up’ on me, and…”     These are the [...]

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