Love Is Complicated

24 09, 2015

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 3

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“Stop, in the Name of Love…”Guest Writer: R. L. Norman      "STOP!!!" I screamed. "PLEASE STOP."     As I struggled to get loose but couldn't move, tears began forming in my eyes. The weight on top of me was way too heavy.     As I struggled more and more, the grip around my body got tighter and tighter. His arms were wrapped around me, and the [...]

20 08, 2015


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“The Ball is in Your Court”Guest Writer: R. L. Norman    Not too long ago, I was reminiscing about this guy I dated years ago.  It was a cool night in November: the breeze was rather inviting, and it wasn't too cold or too hot.     Actually, it was just right as we sat at our dinner table on the restaurant’s rooftop overlooking the skyline [...]

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