2 01, 2014

Excerpt from “FRENZY!”: The Interview

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I am pleased to share this excerpt from my new book Rage! Enjoy! The Interview At his mansion, wealthy celebrity Wesley Laurence Kelly is interviewing individuals for the position of Chief of Security.  On this particular morning, the first applicant is Antonio Miguel Rios, Jr.  This is the future couple’s first contact.       Y’all, Rios was a fuckin’ sight to behold!  A [...]

29 12, 2013

Second Excerpt from “FRENZY!”: The Battering

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The Battering  ‘Tonio and Wes has become a monogamous couple.  Unfortunately for them, they face daunting obstacles to and serious struggles in their relationship.  Making matters worse is a devious and deadly individual who masterfully manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes has been unfaithful!  Of course, Wes has remained true to his partner.  Unfortunately, as a result, ‘Tonio physically confronts Wes.  Never [...]

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