I am pleased to share this excerpt from my new book Rage! Enjoy!

The Interview

At his mansion, wealthy celebrity Wesley Laurence Kelly is interviewing individuals for the position of Chief of Security.  On this particular morning, the first applicant is Antonio Miguel Rios, Jr.  This is the future couple’s first contact. 

     Y’all, Rios was a fuckin’ sight to behold!  A ruggedly handsome brickhouse, he was 6’4”, 280 muscularly immense pounds.

Massively built and exquisitely proportioned, Rios was, hands down, a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder!  Powerful, wide neck.  Barn-door shoulders.  Bowling-ball biceps.  Horseshoe triceps.  Chiseled, expansive, impeccable pecs.  Narrow, firm waist.

And the way his jeans fit!  Daymn.  I could detect that he owned humungous glutes and calves…and (gleefully) something else.  Sumthin’ else, indeed!

The stud was clad entirely in black—shirt, jazzy (but tasteful) tie, formfitting jeans, and kick-ass cowboy boots.  Masculinity with touches of sensitivity oozed outta him.  I was fuckin’ taken aback– which usually doesn’t happen often!   I felt I was losing control.   I had to regain it.  Quick like.

“It’s a pleasure ta meet’cha, Mr. ‘Kel-lee’,” Rios smiled, broadly.  That 100-watt grin could’ve lit up all of Washington, D.C.!

Immediately extending his power-packed mitt, he followed with, “Thanks so much for dis opportunity!”  “Stud Man” had this syrupy, so sensual, low baritone with a full heapin’ helping of Latin accent stirred in for good measure.

And his eyes!  A liquid blue-green, they seemed to be as endless as an ocean… sucking you the fuck right in.  They peered deep inside, searching for the real you.  I swore they seemed to have a life of their own…

Rios had a caramel-tinged complexion, and short, curly, jet-black hair.  His sideburns connected with a neatly trimmed goatee, which in turn merged into his ‘stache.  He had these full lips, which begged you to kiss them.   Mos’ def!

And his handclasp!   Gawd!  It was warm.   Supremely confident.  Well-manicured, those hands were like meat cleavers–so thick, so sturdy, so powerful.   His touch, his grasp, made my whole fuckin’ body tingle through and through!   Nobody—and I do mean nobody—had touched me that way in what seemed like fuckin’ eons!   I swallowed hard!  Just like Nelly said, “Hot in Here.”

Floating back to earth, I responded, “I…I’m sure the pleasure is ALL MINE, Mr. Rios.  Welcome.”  Not to be outdone, I returned a formidable clasp of the palm myself.

Then, without warning, our eyes seemed to zoom into each other, like heat-seeking missiles.  After reaching their destination, they settled into the lockdown position.

And all of a sudden, that ole magical thang called chemistry burst forth, spinning around, totally engulfing us!  The sensation was electric, hard-hitting, exciting…though downright scary!    It was as if Mrs. J, my house manager, weren’t in the room, that the big man and I had tucked ourselves away in our own secluded, far-flung universe.  Hey–remember that song, “Just Don’t Disturb this Groove?”  Well, let me tell you—THIS WAS IT!