Chauncey Whitmore

6 08, 2016

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 11

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“I Will, I Won't, I Do” Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman   "I object!" the man shouted as he stood up in the back of the church.I can’t believe this is happening! How dare someone object to my marriage?I know that some people in my position would not get married; but I am doing what my heart feels.You see, I remember it like it was [...]

10 06, 2016

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 10

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“Writer, You Say What?” Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman       He stood across the room from me not saying a word. I was slowly becoming nervous as he just stared at me, looking all seductive. As he walked slowly towards me, I backed up until I could go nowhere.     I bumped into the desk that was behind me and stumbled for a brief moment.  [...]

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