“I Will, I Won’t, I Do” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 



“I object!” the man shouted as he stood up in the back of the church.

I can’t believe this is happening! How dare someone object to my marriage?

I know that some people in my position would not get married; but I am doing what my heart feels.

You see, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Several years ago, I was living in Washington, D.C., and there was a terrible snowstorm. People panicked so much that you would’ve thought the world was coming to an end.

Now, me being from New Jersey, I was accustomed to snowstorms. I was used to waking up at any given day during the winter, and not being able to get out of the house. That was because the snow was so high that we couldn’t even open the door!

I remember as kids we would sit around the kitchen table hoping for a snow day.  We’d listen to the radio or TV, and just wait and wait for the announcer to say: “Whittier Elementary School closed.” Oh, how my two brothers and I waited with anticipation for that wonderful news! 

And on those days, we would yell and scream and act like we had won the lottery. My parents would tell us to calm down.  And then, of course, they’d tell us the rules we had to follow while they were at work. Oh, those were the days…

So as I said, I was used to snowstorms. But it was obvious that the D.C. government was just not used to such acts of nature.  They’d shut down the whole city!  The only other time I remember that happening was when I was in college in Tuskegee, Alabama–and they had a covering of snow. They shut down the city as if the world were coming to an end!  It was crazy and funny–especially because the snow melted the very same day.  

So, I was in D.C. and the city was closed. I was out of orange juice for my cocktail. I had plenty of food and stuff, but no OJ! And if I were going to be stuck in the house, I had to “get my drink on.”

I called around to see if any store was open. After several minutes, I discovered that the 7-Eleven was open, which was about a fifteen minute walk from my house. Then, I put on my heaviest and warmest winter coat and boots, and made my way to the store.

As I got closer and closer to that 7-Eleven, I saw another person in the distance. And as continued his approach, I surmised that maybe he had to get some orange juice, too. As came nearer and nearer, I realized that this was one cute, sexy man!

He was dressed in a big yellow ski coat with matching gloves. As we faced one another, I peered into his sexy brown eyes–and the pretty white teeth behind his smile.

 Passing one another, we nodded and smiled at each other. After taking a few steps I turned around–and noticed that he’d done the same!

After a few seconds, he walked back to me.   And for a good half hour, we stood there talking in the middle of a snowstorm.  While the city was shut down, we were getting to know one another.

Later on, I realized how romantic that was!  And, I am a hopeless romantic. 

Before I knew it, we were dating. And after a while, I went from admiring him, to liking him…and to loving him!  I not only loved him, I was in love with him. Who would’ve thought that I’d find the love of my life in the middle of a snowstorm, while going out to get orange juice for my cocktail? 

 And now, we’re getting married!  I’m thinking about all of this while standing at the altar.  I know that at the age of 55, a lot of people wouldn’t get married.

Last June was the one-year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. And during the past year, several of my friends have gotten married.  They’re all over the age of 50.


Some people didn’t understand. You see, some of my friends said that they would not get married. They claimed that they just didn’t see the point. At that age, it’s a lot of hassle to figure out who changes his name.  And then there’s the changing of health and life insurance, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. 

Some of my friends said they would simply live together, and continue to love and support each other.

But then, others said they would get married, and make it a small affair. The last wedding I attended, the couple went to the justice of the peace, and then had a big reception after the wedding. It was a great time had by all as the couple was showered with love and support from family and friends. The wedding I went to before that was at the couples’ home, with only about ten people attending.  

And then there’s me! I’m standing here in a big church with my five groomsmen.  As I’m staring into the eyes of my future husband, we’re holding hands. The church is decorated in silver and white, with flowers everywhere. Afterwards, there will be a big reception in a rented ballroom, complete with ushers, waiters, caterers, music, etc.  And after this grand affair, we’ll be on our way to London and Paris for our honeymoon.  We truly are celebrating our love for each other.

Now, some of my friends objected, saying that we were too old to be doing all of this!  However, others thought that it was absolutely wonderful.

Here’s the bottom line:  the legalization of gay marriage is really the legalization of love for everyone. I believe that people should be able to show their love anyway they want regardless of age, race, gender or sexual preference. People should be able to love whom they want, and get married to whomever that want. Love is a powerful thing at any age. Without love, this world would be a terrible place.

Suddenly, I was roused out of my daydream by the sound of someone actually objecting to our nuptials!  Next, I was shocked back into reality as that person walked from the back of the church towards us.

And as he got close to us, he yelled, “I love you, Norman!”

At first, I couldn’t see who it was because the back of the church was dimly lit. But as soon as he stepped into the light, I was shocked to see that it was my very first love who’d disappeared out of my life!  You see, after college, he enlisted in the Air Force and was deployed to California.  We lost contact for about 25 years.

But as soon as he was upon us, someone else jumped up and said,“I object!”

OMG!  What’s going on?

Well, to find out, read my “Honey Let Me Tell You” book series! It’s all about my misadventures of being misunderstood.

        R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The latest installment entitled, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask I Won’t Tell,” is now available in e-book format.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L.also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else,debuted January 1 on itunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.