Breaking News:  the relaunch of my radio show hits the airwaves this OCTOBER! 

     Like WYATT’S MAN CAVE (WMC), the previous incarnation, the new program explores and dissects controversial issues—including relationship and wellness—that impact the LGBTQ Community and its allies.  As well, diverse, distinguished, and compelling guests weigh in.    

     In the meantime, let’s do a rewind of the debut eppy of WMC!  The special guest is MR. R  L  NORMAN, arguably the quintessential Renaissance man:  he’s an entrepreneur, videographer, performer, columnist, internet host, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, Honey Let Me Tell You.    

     R L and I chew the fat and the shoot da s**t about his journey as a talent, keepin’ the FI-YAH burnin’ hawt in yo’ relationship…and even Tyler Perry’s alleged private island!  Here’s the link:

     (To note:  R L’s brand-spankin’ new tome, Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain, drops this autumn!  I’ll keep you apprised.)

     Uncut & Uncensored.  Cutting-edge.  Engaging.  Insightful.  A helping of Raw Wit!  Probing.  Explosive!  That’s what my new show is all about.  And over the next weeks, I’ll be sharing more specifics, including the show’s title—which you’ll need, right?

     Ohhhhhh, hell yeah…OCTOBER is the month, Y’all!