You’d better be!  LOL. The SHATTERED! Official Virtual Launch Party is this SATURDAY, April 29!

In SHATTERED!, Wes and ‘Tonio fight to keep their monogamous relationship alive and thriving. The duo confronts the ghost of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, ethnic tensions, and mental instability;  traumatic events cause Wes to split into an alternate personality called Walker, who’s totally crazed and deadly!

And then there’s family drama that’s a real hot mess: the son Wes never knew existed crash lands into his life! And the boy, who’s a homophobe, is hellbent on blowing up the “Dynamic Duo’s” relationship! So, can Wes and ‘Tonio ultimately proclaim, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?”

SHATTERED! is a powerful, high-octane, provocative, thought-provoking, exhilarating thrill ride with erotica thrown in for good measure! Having universal appeal,”SHATTERED! is already receiving strong, solid reviews.

Check out the two posters for the SHATTERED! Launch Party details!  Can’t wait to see ya there!