Great news! Mr. Cyrus Webb, the wildly popular and influential radio/television host (“Conversations LIVE!”), magazine publisher and international book president, has just awarded five stars to Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–RAGE! His amazing review is below.

Wyatt O’Brian Evans’ NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART–RAGE! Goes Above Sexuality to the Heart of True Love,

February 11, 2014 

By Cyrus Webb, “Conversations Book Club” 

This is one of those books you can read and though the main characters are two men, you can see it fitting any situation where love is at the heart of the matter. Wes and Antonio are two men who seem to have everything they could possibly want professionally, but when it comes to love, there are some things that seem to be working against them.

These characters are sharing their lives with readers and know what it’s like to get things wrong in the relationship department. Will they be able to see a good thing when it is staring them in the face? That is what readers will see as Wyatt O’Brian Evans shares his characters with the world.

I enjoyed this book mainly because it speaks to all of us in different ways. By choosing to write the book in first-person, Evans allows us to feel what the character Wes feels and approach situations based on what he has experienced. This proves helpful when it comes to addressing issues of manhood, what we choose to allow in our lives, and most importantly, how we can show we love ourselves by the way we allow ourselves to love others.

Deeply engaging and keeping your attention from the first chapter, this installment of NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART definitely gets to the heart of what it means to find true love.