Outstanding News!  Great New Writers, Ltd. (www.greatnewwriters.com), the influential teaching and tutoring enterprise located in the UK (United Kingdom) has endorsed my brand new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!” 

     The mission of Great New Writers is to support aspiring LGBT, Black, Asian and Hispanic writers.  The company was created by Dr. Martin Luther Patrick, a successful playwright and prolific novelist whose literary career spans decades.  His latest work, “Love Both Ways,” will be released the end of this month.


     Although I’m far from being a novice writer (having many years of journalism experience and three novels under my belt), I’m honored that the esteemed Dr. Patrick has recognized my work, and is assisting me in continuing to expand my (UK) United Kingdom presence and audience.    

     To read the two-part series, click on the following links:   




     Thanks, Great New Writers, Ltd!