PRIDE month is June!  

I kicked it off with an appearance on The Conversation With Al McFarlane. The acclaimed podcast is always a raw and unscripted look at the issues, events, and ideas affecting our world today.  Columnist and author W. D. Foster-Graham (The Right To Be: A Christopher Family Novel) joined us as co-host.

First, a little history.  In 1974, McFarlane became editor-in-chief at Insight News, a community newspaper serving Minnesota’s African and African American residents. He also established McFarlane Media Interests, Inc., a multimedia marketing and information services firm with newspaper, internet, and broadcast properties. In 1975, McFarlane purchased the rights to Insight News.

On my episode of The Conversation With Al McFarlane, Al, W.D., and I had an enlightening, exhilarating conversation on various timely topics including PRIDE, racism within the LGBTQ community, and Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse.  And of course, my new novel, “SHATTERED!”–which is receiving rave reviews—took center stage!  It certainly was a thought-provoking hour that you don’t want to miss! 

I want to extend a huge Thank You! to Messrs. McFarlane and Foster-Graham for the opportunity to appear on the program and Insight News’ strong support of  SHATTERED!  Read the news outlet’s review:

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So, come on in and be a part of the experience!