I’m so very pleased and proud to announce that I’ve been selected as Special Consultant to ViiV Healthcare’s “Positive Affirmations–ACCELERATE!” Initiative, a bold community engagement effort targeted to Black Gay, Bisexual and Other MSM who reside in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

     The overarching goals of Positive Affirmations are: 

  1. To connect Black men who identify as Gay, Bisexual, Same Gender Loving or practice MSM Behavior to both formal and personal networks of support.
  2. To assist in breaking down stigma and isolation.
  3. And to tackle challenges related to homophobia, racism, HIV, mental health and substance abuse. 

The program efforts will also expand Black Gay men’s knowledge and understanding of how to access care, advocate for high-quality HIV prevention, treatment and care as well as assist them in meeting their goals to obtain the best quality health care.”

     In particular, I’ll be lending my expertise regarding Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) to the Initiative.    As a journalist, motivational speaker and advocate, IPV/A is my signature issue.  And, IPV/A is the overarching theme of my brand new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”  To learn what esteemed individuals have stated about “FRENZY!”, visit:  wyattevans.com/what-folks-are-sayin-about-frenzy/

     The Taylor-Wilks Group (TWG) is administering the Initiative, in collaboration with The Center for Black Equity Baltimore.