On this Friday the 19th, the new episode of the WYATT! podcast is all about the Big Boyz!  

My special guest is Mr. Tony “Teddybear” Harper-Zuniga, a prominent leader of the Big Boy Community. For years, Mr. Harper-Zuniga has been at the forefront of education and awareness about big boy culture.  We will discuss what the community is and what it means; the misconceptions; dating/romance challenges—and much more.

Tony will also discuss his coming to terms with and embracing his authentic self as an SGL (same gender loving) man.  A frank and open discussion of LUV & Marriage is also on the table.

Needless to say, this installment of WYATT! is gonna be lively, down-to-earth…and real!  Check out the new show’s promo video below, courtesy of the author of the wildly popular Honey Let Me You series of novels, the FAB-U-LOUS Mr. R. L. Norman!

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And Y’all, always remember: WYATT!  truly is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”  Ya feelin’ me?  I know ya do!  (Smile)