It’s my 23rd anniversary!

     Now, I’m not talking about marriage or anything like that.   You see, in 1998 (Yo!  How time flies…) I had the starring role in The New Detectives, the popular documentary true crime TV series that featured forensic science cases.  My appearance on the show is one of the highpoints in my communications/entertainment career.

     The New Detectives, which lasted nine seasons, was an international hit.  Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, got the idea for his show from The New Detectives.

     My episode, “Traces of Guilt,” was the second and most popular of season 4.  I played David Middleton, a former policeman who became a serial killer.

     After being arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault, Middleton was convicted of false imprisonment and battery.  He was given two concurrent five-year sentences.

     Released from prison after serving two years, he made his way to Reno, Nevada.  And somehow, he became a cable installer! Middleton used that access in order to rape and subsequently murder a string of female victims.

     In August 1997, Middleton was convicted of a smorgasbord of offenses.  Fast forward to 2010, when he lost and exhausted all his appeals to the state of Nevada.  Currently, he’s languishing on death row in the Ely, Nevada state prison.

     I had a blast doing The New Detectives!  The director, producer, and crew treated me like gold.

     And talk about a “blast from the past:”  I had hair in 1998!  (All courtesy of the Hair Club For Men…LOL!!!)

    As you’re watching “Traces of Guilt,” be patient:  I make my grand entrance at 8:58.  However, to fully understand the story, watch the eppy from beginning to end.

     Here’s the video:


So, go on wit yo’ bad self!  Grab your popcorn and drinks, settle in, kick back…and freakin’ ENJOY!  (And, don’t you dare miss my very last scene….!)