LGBQT Gay Wyatt Evans
LGBQT Gay Wyatt Evans MOE

(Isaiah Shade, Class Comics.)

Isaiah Shade.   He’s big, bold, and built (like a brick house!).  And as “Shaft,” by Issac Hayes, states, he’s one “bad mother (Shut your mouth)!” Shade is one of the many sensual and steamy “hawt” erotic comic creations of Mr. Patrick Fillion, who, with his life and business partner, formed the publishing company, Class Comics.

The affable and fascinating Fillion is the special guest on the next episode of the WYATT! podcast, which drops this Saturday, April 3 on YouTube and Spotify.

Patrick was born in Quebec, Canada. According to his bio, his “parents claim that he entered the world with a pencil already in hand.  Drawing came as naturally to Patrick as breathing; and, never afraid to express himself on paper, he began to draw comic book art and nudes at a very early age.”

Like the legends Belasco and Tom of Finland, Fillion is a torchbearer in the arena of Gay/SGL-themed erotic comix. He’s energized the art form, making it come to life in a strikingly vibrant manner!  This artist’s work is not just compelling eye candy—it contains strong, absorbing plotlines.

LGBQT Gay Wyatt Evans

(Patrick Fillion, Co-Founder, Class Comics.)

With his distinctive voice and style, Fillion has carved out his own space in the Gay/SGL-themed erotic comix landscape.  And with a strong commitment to the racial inclusivity of his characters, this talent is also a trailblazer for the medium.

Topics Patrick and I will discuss on this new installment of WYATT! include his journey as an artist; the founding of Class Comics; the necessity of racial inclusiveness; why sex is not taboo; and his mentorship of talent striving to make their mark in the biz.

And most assuredly, we’ll have one helluva deep tete a tete about his utterly delectable and deliciously hot characters—particularly Mr. Isaiah Shade, my fave!  Wonder why Shade’s my fave?  Ahh…I’ll clue Y’all in when I sit down with Mr. Fillion!  (LOL)

So, join us on the new eppy of WYATT!  It’s gonna be “Triple S”  Stimulating, Salacious, and Sensual!

And always remember:  WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”